3rd Grade Collection


A complete language arts curriculum for your third grade students. Reading, writing, and literature, with an integrated, multi-sensory, approach.

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A Complete Third Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Everything you need for a fun and successful year of third grade language arts!

1. Literature and Writing: Level 1 Year Pack “D”

This collection represents a range of genres and six student journals:

    • The Hundred Dresses
    • The Iron Giant
    • A Mouse Called Wolf
    • The Poet’s Dog
    • Rickshaw Girl
    • The Year of Miss Agnes

 Each of the six units is designed to develop increased student competency in reading, and to develop voice and writing skills over time.

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2. Literature and Writing: Teacher Helps

Our 35 page Teacher Helps will give you all the guidance you need for success.

3. Storymaker “B”: Fairy Stories Bundle

This bundle provides weekly creative writing activities. Students will practice constructing imaginative ideas within a structure.

    • Workbook
    • Miniature Objects
    • Flash Cards

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4. One True Sentence “A”: Parts of Speech Bundle

An excellent opportunity over 25 weeks for elementary students to construct sentences using the 8 parts of speech and, in the process, marvel at the power of work. Includes workbook and flash cards.

    • Workbook
    • Flash Cards

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5. Operation Lexicon 3: Traits of Character Bundle

Learn 100 new words to describe the literary characters you meet while learning about 10 memorable people from history.

    • Workbook
    • Character Traits Coloring Poster
    • Colored Pencils

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6. Research Discovery: Significant People from History “A” Bundle

    • Harriet Tubman
    • Eleanor Roosevelt
    • Jackie Robinson
    • Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each unit, over the course of four weeks, guides students into the process of gathering facts and composing a biographical essay.

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Schedule / Pacing

Daily: Your students will be paced through varied activities of reading, note-taking, journaling, research, and writing.


  1. Each week the student will complete one section of reading and journaling, completing a book in four weeks.
  2. Every fifth week, students create a culminating project connected to the unit.
  3. Once a week the student will engage in creative writing (Storymaker), and engage in research writing.


  1. Level 1 Literature: Students will read 6 grade appropriate chapter books across genres, journal through each story, developing close reading note-taking skills along the way. They will acquire vocabulary and practice its application. They will compose hundreds of sentences as they reflect on the plot of great stories. And they will compose 24 expanded paragraphs across many writing domains—introspective, expository, observational, persuasive, and many more.
  2. Storymaker: students will be supported to create an imaginative story each week while practicing the art of composing an opening sentence that hooks the reader.
  3. Research People: students will research, journal and craft 4 original biographical essays.
  4. Students will complete work that fulfills literary learning standards.

A word about grade levels and learning styles

All of Blackbird and Company curricular materials are designed with the student and teacher in mind. Whether you are in a traditional classroom or a homeschool, if you are in independent study or if you need accommodations for unique learning styles or special needs, our materials are adaptable to individual needs, to your teaching style, and to your student’s learning style.

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