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Donovan’s word jar is a gentle, thoughtful story of a young boy’s discovery of the power of words. Each time a word strikes Donavan as extraordinary, he writes it down on a slip of paper and puts it in a jar. When his collection no longer fits in its container, he asks several people what to do, but in a serendipitous way comes upon the solution himself.

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Our selection of classic and contemporary literature inspires readers and writers. Oftentimes studying a piece of literature can overshadow the story itself. With this in mind, our goal is to lead the reader through each piece of literature in a way that plumbs its depths while keeping its intrinsic value intact.

Create a language arts tradition, where children are taught:

  • not only to remember what is read, but to to discern deeper meaning
  • not only to decode words, but to appreciate specificity
  • not only to examine story structure, but glean the unfolding of themes
  • not only to respond to a story in writing, but craft an idea that matters
  • not only to see a story’s message, but to explore it with others

Integrated Literature & Writing Discovery Guides include the following sections:

  • Assignment checklist
  • Character, Setting and Plot
  • Vocabulary
  • Observation Questions
  • Reflective/Responsive Writing
  • Discussion Questions
  • Culminating Projects

Our Integrated Literature and Writing Discovery guides are designed to develop habits of thought and habits of work when used consistently over time. Therefore, they are not available individually, the minimum quantity is 6 titles for a year pack, or 3 titles for a semester pack.

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