Parts of Speech – One True Sentence “A” – Bundle


Learn to correctly and skillfully use the parts of speech with fun and creative sentence writing through 25 weeks of applied grammar.

When  you learn to write “one true sentence” (in the words of Hemingway) the rest will follow.


One True Sentence is an ongoing opportunity for students to write for real, giving space for academic writing and creative growth. For 25 weeks, focusing on a single part of speech each week, students are prompted to craft their own creative sentences. As they practice the art of constructing these sentences, students will develop skills, confidence, and creativity which will carryover into all other school work. When students learn to write (in the words of Hemingway) “One true sentence…,” the rest will follow.

The purpose of learning the parts of speech is to produce well-formed sentences that communicate clearly. And the best way to learn these is to provide opportunities for students to construct their own sentences within a framework. A sentence is simply a collection of words that conveys an idea. When well-crafted sentences are connected wisely, one after another, ideas grow wider and deeper. But without the basic tools of construction, the parts of speech, meaning and communication are lost.

One True Sentence “A” – Parts of Speech Bundle includes:

  • Student workbook
    – With Teacher Guidelines and Student Worksheets
  • Parts of Speech flash cards
    – 72 flash cards (part of speech named on one side, example word on the reverse)

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A word about grade levels and learning styles

Our materials can be individually tailored to a range of grade levels and learning environments. The following is recommended as a general guideline:

  • Grade 3: One True Sentence “A” – Parts of Speech
  • Grade 4: One True Sentence “B” – Punctuation (Available soon)
  • Grade 5: One True Sentence “C1” – Tools of Style Part 1
  • Grade 6: One True Sentence “C2” – Tools of Style Part 2
  • Grade 7: One True Sentence “C3” – Tools of Style Part 3
  • Grade 8: One True Sentence “C4” – Tools of Style Part 4

All of Blackbird and Company curricular materials are designed with the student and teacher in mind. Whether you are in a traditional classroom or a homeschool, if you are in independent study or if you need accommodations for unique learning styles or special needs, our materials are adaptable to individual needs, to your teaching style, and to your student’s learning style.

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