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Including our CORE offering plus carefully curated APPLICATION elements, each experience will offer students the tools, training, practice, and inspiration needed to excel as a reader, writer, and thinker. Our pre-selected collections make shopping + lesson  planning simple by providing all the materials needed for the year in one click.

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A Complete Seventh Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Everything you need for a fun and successful year of seventh grade language arts!

1. Literature and Writing: Level 3 Year Pack “D”

When it comes to learning language arts much of the exceptional work that your students will accomplish is subjective in nature tied to their ideas. As we value these ideas—their discoveries from reading tied to their observations—and challenge them to catalog and craft these ideas over time, literacy skills soar. This collection represents a range of genres and six student journals:

    • The Folk Keeper
    • I Am David
    • Out of the Dust
    • The Shakespeare Stealer
    • White Lilacs
    • The White Mountains

Each of the six units is designed to develop increased student competency in reading, and to develop voice and writing skills over time. Our Integrated Literature and Writing Discovery Guides are tied to exceptional classic and contemporary novels.  This level is structured to guide students into the art of reading, writing and thinking.

By the time students reach 7th grade, they are competent in reading wonderfully complex stories. This collection includes Year Pack D and is perfect to inspire confident readers. This said, some children might have read some of the titles in the collection, or may just want a bit more choice. Click here to explore alternative Year Packs to substitute in an A La Carte build-your-own collection.

Each week, this core  offering follows a similar weekly format with ample room for students to catalog their observations and bring shape to their ideas. Students will read and journal on character development, setting, and plot. They will explore rich vocabulary unique to the story, and will trace the plot more deeply as they answer comprehension questions with complete sentences. Students will craft an original idea in response to a prompt that is connected to the week’s reading and learn to move from a rough draft to a final, polished work. Each week culminates with a robust discussion.

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2. Literature and Writing: Teacher Helps

Our 35 page Teacher Helps will give you all the guidance you need for success.

3. One True Sentence “C3” – Tools of Style #3

An excellent opportunity, over 20 weeks, for elementary students to construct sentences learning and using tools of style. When well-crafted sentences are connected wisely, one after another, meaning flows, carrying that idea forward in a clear and concise manner. A collection of creative tools to help middle and high students construct sentences using rhetorical techniques that make sentences exceptional.

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4. Operation Lexicon 7: Emily Dickinson

A lexicon is the collected vocabulary of a person. Over the course of 26 weeks, students will explore a cluster of words from the lexicon of Emily Dickinson. Using these words in an original way, with inspiration from her many poems and letters, will help the budding wordsmith recognize the plasticity of language and delight in its beauty.

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5. Intro to Composition Vol. 2

Writers will be mentored through each step of the process as they compose five original descriptive essays—beginning with a prompt, brainstorming, crafting a thesis and developing the idea through the self-edit and final draft. This volume includes 5 lessons to be completed over ten weeks time.

Teacher support material is included in the volume.

6. Exploring Poetry: Small Forms

This guide will help students discover the craft of writing small poems. Easily incorporated into one semester students will be introduced to over a dozen small forms used by poets. Each section is designed to be completed in two short sessions, one to draft, and one to polish.

Includes workbook and 25 inspirational photo cards

7. Research Taxonomy: The Five Kingdoms Bundle

Have you met Carolus Linnaeus? His life’s work will inspire you.

All living things can be ordered according to their common biology. Classification allows scientists to explore levels of similarity, dissimilarity, and interconnectedness of cells, systems, and structures. The first level of classification is the Kingdoms. There are five: Protista, Monera, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia.

This unit can be easily incorporated into one semester. Over the course of five lessons, students will explore and research the diversity of the animal kingdom. They will gather knowledge that will connect to many corners of the field of biology.

Includes workbook, Classifying Living Things, and The Tree of Life.

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A word about grade levels and learning styles

All of Blackbird and Company curricular materials are designed with the student and teacher in mind. Whether you are in a traditional classroom, a homeschool, an independent study, or if you need accommodations for unique learning styles, our materials are adaptable with differentiation built in to honor your student’s learning style, as well as your teaching style.

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