Across Five Aprils

Across Five Aprils

Section 1: Chapters 1-3

  1. Ellen had lived through sickness, poverty, danger and the deaths of several children. pg. 2
  2. The “thing” that holds little value to Mrs. Creighton is the sight of a pretty face. pg. 2
  3. Jethro means there will be an abundant crop. It’s a biblical reference to the story of Joseph in Egypt. pg. 1
  4. Jethro’s family had fought in the American Revolution, Mexican War and the War of 1812. pg. 10
  5. Jethro is angry at his father and Abraham Lincoln because they had not shown a hard and unyielding attitude that he admired in others. pg. 13
  6. Jethro’s brother Bill was considered odd because he liked to read more than other pursuits. pg. 17
  7. The talk of war causes tension at the Creighton family’s dinner table. pg. 19-20
  8. The first battle of the Civil War was at Fort Sumter. pg. 31
  9. pg. 27-28
  10. The existing conflict between the brothers is that John thinks slavery is evil and should not spread, Bill also thinks slavery is evil but that the real issue is greed not slavery. pg. 27-29

Section 2: Chapters 4-6

  1. Two events caused the north to celebrate were the fall of Fort Henry in Tennessee and Fort  Donelson. pg. 47
  2. Matthew’s and Ellen’s views differ in that Ellen would allow Jenny to marry Shadrach now but Matthew believes Jenny is too young. pg. 52
  3. Some of the names given to Lincoln are, “the baboon”, and “the ugly, ignorant, backwoods Lincoln”. pg. 61
  4. Shadrach’s assignment to Jenny and Jethro is to read the books and newspapers he leaves for them while he is gone to war. pg. 63-64
  5. Jethro is taunted at the store because his brother Bill is fighting on the side of the south. pg. 77-78
  6. The editor says he wants to get better acquainted with Jethro and that he doesn’t like to eat alone. pg. 81-82
  7. Jethro meets Dave Burdock who wants to ride awhile with Jethro in the wagon because he knows Jethro is in danger of being attacked. pg. 89-90
  8. The events at Newton caused Matthew to collapse and Jethro has to become the man of the family. pg. 95-96
  9. Jenny angers Jethro by not reading the whole letter from Shadrach. pg. 103-104
  10. The Creighton family was threatened that trouble was coming to the family because they  stood up for their son who was fighting for the South. pg. 110-111

Section 3: Chapters 7-9

  1. The Creighton’s received news that Tom had been killed and Ross Milton wrote an open letter in his paper shaming the people who had burned their farm. pg. 118-119
  2. Sam Gardiner shot Wortman in the behind with buck shot as he was vandalizing Sam’s store, thereby humiliating him and making him a laughing stock of the county. pg. 123-124
  3. The North’s high hopes for the war had been crushed and people had lost hope they would win due to all the losses the general’s had. pg. 129-130
  4. Dave Burdow has become a nicer person and generously sent a load of logs to help rebuild the barn that was burned down. pg. 131-132
  5. Israel Thomas defends the President by saying that the war is hard and complicated and that Lincoln is doing the best he can. pg. 134
  6. Shadrach sees that General McClellan doesn’t have a killer instinct and is afraid to send his men into battle for fear that he will look bad. pg. 135-136
  7. The general feeling about the war was despair and many soldiers were deserting their ranks. pg. 138-139
  8. Many deserters fled to Point Prospect and they survived by stealing food from farms. pg. 140
  9. Many of the men dodged the draft by hiring another man to fight for them for three hundred dollars. pg. 141-142
  10. Jethro learns from the soldiers that his speech is open to ridicule. pg. 145

Section 4: Chapters 8-12

  1. Shadrach and Jenny’s relationship changes because they get married in Washington. pg. 173
  2. Abraham Lincoln gave The Gettysburg Address in November 1863 pg. 182
  3. President Lincoln issued a Proclamation of Amnesty in December of 1863. pg. 182-183
  4. Shadrach observes that Lincoln’s face is deeply lined and his cheeks were gaunt. pg. 184
  5. Lincoln won the Presidency because most of the  soldier’s voted for him and most of the northern states as well. pg. 189
  6. The President received the news that General Sherman had taken Savannah Georgia. pg. 194
  7. Mr. Milton fears that there is so much hatred in the hearts of men and such a desire for revenge that peace won’t be easy. pg 198, 199
  8.  Mr. Milton is afraid that all the uneducated slaves will be taken advantaged of, all over the nation. pg. 200
  9. Terms of peace were signed at a courthouse in Appomattox in April. pg. 201
  10. The terrible news arrived in April that the President had been shot. pg. 203