Book Uncle and Me

Book Uncle and Me bundle

Section 1: Chapters 1 – 8

  1. Brandish: wave or flourish (something, especially a weapon) as a threat or in anger or excitement
  2. Criticize: to indicate the faults of someone or something in a disapproving way
  3. Motto: a short sentence or phrase chosen to express the beliefs or ideals guiding an individual, family or institution
  4. Patron: a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause or activity
  5. Slogan: a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising
  6. Terrace: a paved area or platform next to a building
Comprehension Questions
  1. Book Uncle’s Lending Library, which has books spread out on planks is on the corner of St. Mary’s Road and 1st Cross Street. (pg. 11)
  2. Book Uncle’s motto is, “Right book for the right person for the right day.”. (pg. 14)
  3. On the way up the stairs to 3A Yasmin worries about the doves that are caught in the net in the book she is reading. (pg. 15)
  4. Umma uses the duster as a weapon against dust, clutter and all signs of untidiness. (pg. 20)
  5. Before Yasmin can arrive at any conclusions about Book Uncle’s motto, Wapa returns home with enough toothpaste to polish the teeth of the entire Indian army. (pg. 23)
  6. While on the bus Yasmin thinks about Mrs. Rao’s word list and when she looks out of the bus window she sees the movie poster Anil and Reeni saw in the morning, only it is an election poster. (pg. 34)
  7. Umma suggest that it is sometimes a good idea to think twice before speaking. (pg. 36)
  8. When he honks the horn the bus driver yells at cars, scooters, auto-rickshaws, other buses and even a man driving a herd of goats across the road. (pg. 36)
  9. The posters for mayor contain the logos of the candidates party: a hand, a wheel, a tree, a star, a hammer and sickle, a camel and many more. (pg. 37)
  10. Karate Samuel’s posters scream, “BEST CANDIDATE! A-ONE HERO!, in giant letters. (pg. 38)

Section 2: Chapters 9 – 17

  1. Cluck: the short guttural sound made by hens and by people to express concern or disapproval
  2. Horizon: the line at which the earth’s surface and sky appear to meet
  3. Jumble: an untidy collection or pile of things
  4. Shock: a sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience
  5. Shuffle: to walk by dragging one’s feet along or without lifting them fully from the ground
  6. Slouch: to stand, move, or sit in a lazy drooping way
Comprehension Questions
  1. When Yasmin asks Umma about the purpose of an election issue, she says it is the things that people care about and the candidate’s position on it. (pg. 48)
  2. After finishing the two books that Book Uncle gave her, Yasmin feels it is a mystery that a book that can be read in one gulp does not feel like work. (pg. 50)
  3. Yasmin does not want to get on the bus that is winding its way to her stop because she wants to chase after Book Uncle and tell him it must be a mistake. (pg. 54)
  4. After looking at the pink paper Book Uncle is upset and unsmiling because the paper says he needs a permit for the lending library. (pg. 52)
  5. Reeni’s eyes and nose have turned red from crying about her daddy losing his job. (pg. 59)
  6. When Yasmin tries to read the karate book the words swim before her eyes. (pg. 65)
  7. When Yasmin wakes up after dreaming about the doves she finds herself chewing on nothing. (pg. 70)
  8. To make up for Rafiq Uncle’s rudeness to Selvaraj, Umma slips him some rupee notes. (pg. 72)
  9. While running down the stairs to get away from her Uncle, Yasmin sees and hears Chinna Abdul Sahib from 2B huffing and puffing. (pg. 74)
  10. The shiny flecks in Chinna Abdul Sahib’s clay pot drum are bits of brass to make ringing sound. (pg. 77)
  11. When Umma hugs both Yasmin and Anil at the door, Anil does a quick block-punch. (pg. 81)

Section 3: Chapters 18 – 25

    1. Bellow: the deep loud roar given typically in pain or anger by a person or animal
    2. Delegation: a body of representatives
    3. Glint: to give out or reflect small flashes of light
    4. Mouthwatering: smelling, looking, or sounding delicious
    5. Retire: to leave one’s job and cease to work, typically upon reaching the normal age for leaving employment
    6. Volunteer: a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task
Comprehension Questions
      1. When Book Uncle invites Yasmin, the istri lady, Reeni and Anil into his home she sees all the walls are lined with books and she decides her home will be just like his. (pg. 85)
      2. The istri lady doesn’t tell Book Uncle about the letter of complaint because she knew it wouldn’t do any good and would only hurt Book Uncle’s feelings. (pg. 90)
      3. While twisting her hands like Anil, Yasmin realizes that “commercial” is when you sell something. Book Uncle isn’t selling so it’s not commercial. (pg. 92)
      4. When Yasmin suggests to her teacher, Mrs. Rao that they should make a list of political candidates to write to, she says she will bring in the Sunday paper with the party addresses. (pg. 95)
      5. On Republic Day the parade with all its floats is broadcast on T.V. all the way from Delhi. (pg. 99)
      6. Yasmin is surprised when Chinna Abdul Sahib tells her he knows Book Uncle well as he gave him music books years ago and changed his life. (pg. 104)
      7. Another funny thing Yasmin thinks about is the fact that her parents have forgotten to scold her for being rude to Rafiq Uncle. (pg. 108)
      8. Yasmin discovers that the nasty person who wrote the letter complaining about Book Uncle’s Lending Library was Reeni’s dad. (pgs. 109 & 110)
      9. As Yasmin and Reeni go from the balcony to the sofa Reeni quickly tells her that the city was trying to fine the people in the apartment building because the library was clutter. (pg. 111)
      10. Karate Samuel says that Book Uncle symbolizes the city’s pride in elderly people, children and literacy. (pg. 114)
      11. When Wapa takes Yasmin for mango ice-cream at La-la-la Restaurant, she finds out that Reeni’s dad has a job at the T.V. station. (pg. 117)

Section 4: Chapters 26 – 31

  1. Baffle: to perplex, bewilder, or be perplexed, bewildered
  2. Crookedness: bent or twisted out of shape or out of place, dishonest or illegal
  3. Debris: scattered pieces of waste or remains
  4. Dumbstruck: to be so shocked or surprised as to be unable to speak
  5. Sniffle: to sniff slightly or repeatedly, typically because of a cold or fit of crying
  6. Zippy: bright, fresh, or lively; fast or speedy
Comprehension Questions
  1. Mayor Sly wants Book Uncle off the corner of St. Mary’s Road and 1st Cross Street because his daughter is getting married and the future in laws needs to see clean streets. (pgs. 118-119 & 123)
  2. After the parrots have settled down to sleep the children go back to the apartment building tired and sore, but sure they have done good work to defeat Mayor Sly. (pg. 123-124)
  3. Yasmin tells book Uncle that if he votes he will feel like the doves that managed to escape from the hunter in the book he loaned her. (pg. 127)
  4. Karate Samuel wins the elections by a margin of 3,879 votes. (pg. 132)
  5. After Anil yells, “Hiya!” he tells Yasmin that, that is the karate way of saying, yes, I am with you. (pg. 135)
  6. When Mayor Karate Samuel tells Yasmin, Book Uncle can apply for a non-commercial permit she is shocked and reads the quote from the karate book that says a true leader does good. (pgs. 141 & 143)
  7. So many people show up for the reopening of the library that the city has to close the roads to cars, buses, auto-rickshaws, bikes, motorbikes, scooters and anything with wheels. (pg. 146)
  8. When Anil arrives with the students and teacher of his karate studio, Yasmin discover Anil is a blue belt. (pg. 147)
  9. The new and improve, relettered and sharpened up lending library sign says, “Books. Free. Give One. Take One. Read –Read-Read.”. (pg. 149)