Charlotte’s Web

Section 1: Chapters 1-5

  1. bliss: complete happiness
  2. cunning: cleverness or skill especially at tricking people in order to get something
  3. gander: an adult male goose
  4. meek: having or showing a quiet, gentle, and humble nature
  5. plunge: to leap or dive suddenly; to thrust or force quickly
  6. trough: a long, shallow, open container, especially for water or feed for livestock
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. My brother and I experience bliss whenever we get to play Legos all day long.
  2. The cunning cat knew that if he let the children pet him, then they would bring him delicious treats to eat.
  3. The gander squawked at anyone who got too close to the newborn goslings.
  4. The shy bunny allowed Josh to pet and hold her, because he was meek and kind toward her.
  5. The best part about summer is getting to plunge into the swimming pool with friends and family.
  6. The trough was filled to the brim with plenty of slop, to make a whole family of pigs full and happy all day long.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Mr. Arable says Fern is up at daylight trying to rid the world of injustice. (pg. 5)
  2. Fern feels she is lucky to have complete charge of a pig. (pg. 7)
  3. Wilbur was never happier than when Fern warmed a bottle of milk for him. (pg. 8)
  4. Every morning after breakfast, Wilbur waits with Fern until the bus comes to pick her upg. (pg. 10)
  5. When Wilbur is five weeks old, Mr. Arable says he is now big enough to be sold. (pg. 12)
  6. All the animals trust Fern because she is so quiet and friendly. (pg. 15)
  7. Wilbur plans to take a nap outside in the sun from eight to nine. (pg. 26)
  8. Wilbur wants love and a friend to play with. (pg. 27)
  9. Wilbur says that play means to have fun, to frolic, to run and skip and make merry. (pg. 29)
  10. It is always hard to sleep when your mind is full and your stomach is empty. (pg. 32)
  11. The sheep says the quickest way to ruin a friendship is to wake someone up in the morning before he is ready. (pg. 35)

Section 2: Chapters 6-12

  1. astride: with one leg on each side of; astride a horse
  2. neglect: to give little attention or respect to
  3. oblige: to do a favor for or do something as a favor
  4. solemn: very serious or formal in manner, behavior, or expression
  5. swathe: to bind, wrap, or swaddle with or as if with a bandage
  6. vague: not clearly expressed; not clearly understood
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Jenna looked so happy and free as she rode astride the friendly horse.
  2. When we neglect our pet bunny and forget to spend time with her, she nibbles at our pants to let us know she needs some attention.
  3. Dad said he was happy to oblige mom by washing her car before she drove to the tea party with her friends.
  4. We became solemn when we heard the news that dad lost his job and we would need to move away.
  5. Madeline loves to swathe her doll in a cozy blanket while pretending she is putting her down for an afternoon nap.
  6. The directions were vague, and made it difficult for dad to put the new desk together quickly.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Fern visits the farm almost every day and sits quietly on her stool. (pg. 42)
  2. The important event that happens in the barn cellar is that the goose eggs hatched. (pg. 44)
  3. The sheep tells Wilbur that he is being fattened up so that he can be killed and turned into smoked bacon and ham. (pg. 49)
  4. A spider’s web gets torn every day by the insects that kick around in it. (pg. 55)
  5. Wilbur asks Templeton for a little piece of string to help him spin a web. (pg. 57)
  6. Charlotte does her thinking hanging head-down at the top of her web because then all the blood is in her head. (pg. 63)
  7. Wilbur says the smell of the rotten goose egg that saved Charlotte’s life. (pg. 73)
  8. The words SOME PIG are neatly woven in block letters in the center of Charlotte’s web. (pg. 77)
  9. Mr. Zuckerman tells Mrs. Zuckerman she better sit down because they . (pg. 79)
  10. Fern finds the barn not nearly as pleasant because there are too many people. (pg. 85)
  11. Templeton is the only one absent when Charlotte calls the meeting of the animals. (pg. 87)

Section 3: Chapters 13-17

  1. fidget: to move or act restlessly or nervously
  2. incessant: continuing or following without interruption
  3. listless: characterized by lack of interest, energy, or spirit
  4. monotonous: dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest
  5. rummage: to make a thorough search or investigation
  6. writhe: to twist and turn from side to side
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Whenever I have to give a presentation at school, I begin to fidget with the zipper on my jacket.
  2. My little sister rolls on the floor with incessant giggles whenever she has had too many treats in one day.
  3. I get listless during math class if I don’t remember to eat a snack during recess.
  4. Watching television all day is monotonous and a waste of precious time.
  5. Lily began to rummage through her backpack when she realized she had misplaced her favorite pencil.
  6. Evelyn’s severe stomach pain caused her to writhe on the floor in great pain.
Comprehension Questions
  1. When Charlotte gets interested in her work, she begins to talk to herself as a way to cheer herself on. (pg. 94)
  2. Mr. Zuckerman wants Lurvy to build Wilbur a crate because he has decided to take him to the County Fair on September 6th. (pg. 96)
  3. Charlotte commands Wilbur to run around so she can see if he is radiant. (pg. 100)
  4. When Charlotte’s song ends, Fern gets up and goes home. (pg. 104)
  5. When Charlotte hears the cricket’s song, she knows she doesn’t have much time left. (pg. 113)
  6. Wilbur is the center of attraction at the farm. (pg. 114)
  7. Charlotte tells Wilbur she should stay home from the fair so she can fill her egg sac with eggs. (pg. 116)
  8. Mrs. Zuckerman gives Wilbur a buttermilk bath. (pg. 120)
  9. A fair is a rat’s paradise because everybody spills food at a fair. (pg. 122)
  10. The old sheep tells Wilbur to struggle when he gets into the crate or else Mr. Zuckerman will think he is bewitched. (pg. 124-125)
  11. Charlotte says the pig in the next pen will be hard for Wilbur to beat because of his size and weight. (pg. 135)

Section 4: Chapters 18-22

  1. forlorn: sad and lonely because of isolation or desertion
  2. hallowed: holy or blessed; highly respected
  3. pompous: having or exhibiting self-importance; arrogant
  4. shrill: to make a high-pitched, usually piercing sound
  5. sneer: to smile or laugh while making a face that shows disrespect
  6. tranquil: very calm and quiet; peaceful
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Mary was forlorn when she found out her dad couldn’t take her to Disneyland that day.
  2. The Smith family has a hallowed tradition of praying before every meal together.
  3. Henry was excited but didn’t want to seem pompous when telling about how he won the national cross country race last year.
  4. Iris heard her own voice shrill with pain when she stepped on her brother’s lego.
  5. Be careful not to sneer at others who are different from you.
  6. Emily enjoys the tranquil view of roses and butterflies outside her bedroom window.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Charlotte says that the word “humble” means “not proud” and “near the ground.” (pg. 140)
  2. Wilbur thinks Charlotte seems to have shrunk during the night. (pg. 144)
  3. Charlotte and Wilbur are glad to get rid of Templeton for a while. (pg. 149)
  4. Everyone who visits the pigpen says nice things about Wilbur and they also admire the web. (pg. 151)
  5. Charlotte feels peaceful and contented once she is sure she has saved Wilbur’s life. (pg. 153)
  6. Fern asks her mother for money to ride the Ferris wheel again with Henry. (pg. 156)
  7. The man on the loudspeaker presents Mr. Zuckerman with twenty-five dollars and a bronze medal. (pg. 158)
  8. Charlotte says Wilbur will get to enjoy the beauty of the frozen world because he means a great deal to Mr. Zuckerman. (pg. 163)
  9. Wilbur thinks Charlotte is cruel and bloodthirsty when he first meets her. (pg. 164)
  10. Wilbur promises Templeton he can eat first from his slops if he runs up and gets Charlotte’s egg sac. (pg. 168)
  11. When Wilbur looks up at her and gives Charlotte a wink, she knows he is saying good-bye and that her children are safe. (pg. 171)