Eight Cousins

Eight Cousins Bundle

Section 1: Chapters 1-6

  1. camphor: the oil extracted from camphor trees that is usually used in ointments and lotions
  2. disheveled: an untidy appearance
  3. exertion: physical or mental work
  4. impetuous: to do something quickly or carelessly
  5. involuntary: out of ones control
  6. listless: lacking enthusiasm for a task
  7. patronize: to appear helpful, but condescending
Comprehension Questions
  1. Rose meets Phebe when she hears her making bird noises in the kitchen. pg. 4
  2. Rose says, “I’m afraid of horses, and boats make me ill, and I hate boys!” pg. 9
Rose nearly loses her breath when she walks in to the parlor and sees her seven cousins. pg. 11
  4. The boys take Rose to the barn and show her three ponies and a dog-cart. pg. 15
The boys request marmalade, plum-cake, baked pears, lemon-pie, fritters, and tarts for tea time. pg. 19
  6. The person Rose sees is described as brown, breezy, broad-shouldered, strong, alert, and wearing a blue jacket. pg. 25
  7. Uncle Alec decides that Rose should stop drinking coffee and should start drinking milk instead. pg. 29-32
  8. Uncle Alec makes Rose eat oatmeal for breakfast and she detests it. pg. 34
  9. Rose says that Aunt Peace had a sad romantic life and that this gave her a tender charm. pg. 39
  10. The Aunts discuss the way Rose was raised when she is talking with Aunt Peace. pg. 40-44
  11. Uncle Alec makes Rose run a lap around the garden after milking in the morning. pg. 51
  12. Rose plans to adopt Phebe. pg. 59
When Uncle Alec returns from abroad, he proposes a drive to disperse gifts to all the aunts and cousins. pg. 62
  14. Phebe and Uncle Alec surprise with her very own room. pg. 70-72

Section 2: Chapters 7-12

  1. beseech: to beg someone to do something
  2. confound: to cause confusion in someone
  3. gallant: heroic or brave
  4. melodrama: an exaggerated dramatic work of fiction
  5. quell: to put an end to something by force
  6. smattering: a small amount of something
  7. spire: a long object that tapers in shape
Comprehension Questions
  1. The last remedy Uncle Alec had for Rose was gardening, and the latest was a trip to the beach. pg. 74
  2. Rose meets a man named Fun See who she finds delightful. pg. 78-79
  3. Rose and Uncle Alec see the cousins when they are rowing home and this makes them want to race. pg. 83
  4. Uncle Alec is looking over the list of books and is disappointed because he thought Rose was planning on studying surgery or farming. pg. 86-87
  5. Uncle Alec says that Rose is going to be rich, and Rose responds that she wants to give her money away. pg. 91-92
  6. Aunt Jane is angry that Rose is staying up and reading trashy books. pg. 93
  7. Uncle Alec invites Rose to go to the island in the small boat. pg. 99
  8. Rose and Uncle Alec discover a campsite on the island and Rose is excited to spend a few days there. pg. 103-105
  9. The children play make believe games pretending to be historical figures after consuming the chowder. pg. 112
  10. Rose decides to do the chores for Phebe so that she can have fun and play with the boys. pg. 114-115
Uncle Mac takes rose to the city and they see fireworks. pg. 118-119
  11. After having a sun stroke, Mac loses his vision. pg. 121-122
  12. Mac responds to the fact that he may go blind with anger, saying that he will disobey the doctors’ orders to avoid reading. pg. 127
  13. Rose tells Charlie, Steve, and Archie, to help Mac by reading stories to him and not talking about things he can’t do. pg. 140

Section 3: Chapters 13-18

  1. audacious: willing to take risks
  2. dilapidated: neglected and in disrepair
  3. lament: an expression of sadness
  4. personage: a character in a book
  5. perturb: to make someone anxious
  6. petulant: bad-tempered and childish
  7. unmitigated: absolute or total
Comprehension Questions
  1. Uncle Alec ordered Mac and Rose to the mountains for a month to deal with their boredom and caginess. pg. 143
  2. Mother Atkinson is loved by everyone because she is merry and busy. pg. 145
  3. The “Cozy Corner Light Infantry” is a marching band. pg. 146
  4. Mac was the busiest of the guests at Portland because he was invited to survey the town of Skeeterville. 
pg. 154-55
  5. Rose exemplifies the saying in that after she describes how grand her entrance will be, her horse is spooked by a few chickens, causing her to fall off. pg. 154
  6. The final gift Rose receives from Uncle Alec is a set of miniature figurines of her mother and father. pg. 166
Mac entertained Rose by allowing her to teach him how to knit. pg. 169
  8. Annabel Bliss bring Rose down from her high horse by showing Rose her earrings; Rose can’t resist pretty things. pg. 172-173
The cousins gather round the fireplace to tell stories to one another. pg. 178
  10. Uncle Alec convinces Rose to take up housekeeping. Pg. 185.
  11. Aunt Plenty and Aunt Peace teach Rose how to bake a loaf of bread. pg. 189-194
  12. Charlie agrees to give up smoking cigars if Rose gives up wearing her earrings. pg. 198-199
  13. Aunt Jesse forces Will and Geordie to give up reading. pg. 200-205
  14. The outfit that the aunts force Rose to try on is very extravagant and impractical while Uncle Alec’s is modest and comfortable. pg. 210

Section 4: Chapters 19-24

  1. allusion: making a reference to something without mentioning it by name
  2. doleful: mournful or expressing sorrow
  3. entice: to attract someone with something they want
  4. insinuate: to hint at something with an indirect reference
  5. marrow: the substance contained within bones
  6. penitent: showing regret for doing something wrong
  7. promenade: a paved public area for walking
Comprehension Questions
  1. Rose is learning about the bones in the human body and Myra is shocked because Rose greets her from behind a human rib cage. pg. 222-223
Mac discovers that parents are too focused on their work and housekeeping and not concerned enough with their children. pg. 227-228
Rose Makes Phebe promise to open their presents together because it is more enjoyable if they do it together. pg. 233
  4. The first presents Rose receives are a set of skates and a sled, and she is delighted to receive them. pg. 234
The boys teach Rose how to skate before dinner and the aunts are angry because her cheeks become red the curls in her hair straighten out. pg. 236
Fun See changed his appearance in that he dressed in a more American style and cut his hair. pg. 237
  7. Charlie dares Rose to kiss Mac under the mistletoe and Rose turns the dare around by kissing her uncle Mac instead of her cousin. pg. 245
When Mac forgets about the skating date, Rose waits in the cold and get pneumonia. pg. 251
Rose decides to teach Phebe how to read and write, and regrets not doing so long ago. pg. 262-263
  10. Uncle Alec seems angry at first, but agrees to the plan and thinks it is a splendid idea. pg. 269
Archie and Charlie are fighting because Archie doesn’t like some of the boys Charlie is friends with, and Steve asks Rose for five dollars. pg. 275-276
Rose confronts Charlie by telling him to apologize to Archie, and he responds with anger. pg. 279-283
Rose discovers that girls are made for taking care of boys. pg. 287
  14. Rose chooses to live her days out with Uncle Alec because she loves him best and she is happiest with him. pg. 298-299