Flat Stanley

flat stanley bundle

Section 1: Chapters 1-2

Vocabulary Words
  1. enormous: very large
  2. marvel: to be amazed
  3. alter: to change
  4. shaft: a deep, long hole
  5. hasty: acting too fast
  6. fragile: easily broken
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. My grandmother’s antique crystal vase is very fragile.
  2. The elephant’s foot was enormous compared to mine.
  3. The tailor had to alter the wedding dress to make it fit the bride.
  4. Sara made a hasty decision to go to the beach and forgot about her homework.
  5. The beauty of the opera singer’s voice caused the audience to marvel.
  6. The miners had to travel down a dark shaft to get to their job site.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Arthur wants his parents to see that the bulletin board fell on Stanley. (pg. 2)
  2. Stanley has to see Dr. Dan because he is flat as a pancake. (pg. 4)
  3. Dr. Dan admits that sometimes doctors know very little even though they have years of experience. (pg. 7)
  4. Stanley’s measurements are four feet tall, a foot wide, and half an inch thick. (pg. 7)
  5. Stanley likes being flat because he can slide through the cracks to go in and out of rooms. (pg. 8)
  6. Stanley helps his mother by sliding down between the bars of a grating to look for her ring. (pg. 10-11)
  7. Stanley travels to California by being mailed in an envelope. (pg. 18)

Section 2: Chapter 3

Vocabulary Words
  1. jostle: to bump and push
  2. parcel: a package
  3. blush: to get red in the face
  4. famous: well known
  5. patient: able to wait
  6. gust: a strong blast of wind
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Sally was very patient as she waited for her turn on the swings.
  2. The mother avoided the subway for fear the crowds might jostle her baby.
  3. The mailman delivered a large parcel to my doorstep today.
  4. When he went outside, a strong gust of wind almost knocked Connor over.
  5. Morgan made his mother blush when he sang a song to her.
  6. George Washington is one of the most famous presidents in history.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Mr. Lambchop likes to take the boys on outings with him on Sunday afternoons. (pg. 23)
  2. It is difficult when Stanley and Arthur cross the street or move in the crowds because they are sometimes jostled from their dad’s side. (pg. 23)
  3. Mr. Jones thinks Mr. Lambchop is carrying wallpaper. (pg. 26)
  4. Arthur piles encyclopedias on himself because he is jealous of Stanley. (pg. 28-31)
  5. Stanley asks Arthur to fly him like a kite. (pg. 32)
  6. When Arthur goes to get a hot dog, Stanley blows away and gets stuck in a tree. (pg. 35-36)
  7. It takes fifteen minutes for Arthur to rescue his brother. (pg. 36-37)

Section 3: Chapter 4

Vocabulary Words
  1. gloomy: not cheerful
  2. permission: to allow something to be done
  3. expensive: high priced
  4. disguise: something that hides how you look
  5. sensational: very good
  6. prickle: a tingling sensation
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. I felt a prickle on my hands from holding the snowball too long.
  2. Replacing the lost diamonds will be very expensive.
  3. Shanyna’s mother gave her permission to sleep over at a friend’s house.
  4. We all felt gloomy because it rained for ten days straight.
  5. The clown wore a funny disguise to the birthday party.
  6. The performance that the actress gave on opening night was sensational.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Mr. Dart’s important job is being the director of the Famous Museum of Art. (pg. 38)
  2. Mr. Dart has become gloomy because another painting was stolen from the art museum. (pg. 38-40)
  3. The Chief of Police suspects a gang of sneak thieves is stealing the paintings. (pg. 40)
  4. Mrs. Lambchop says that Stanley must take a nap before carrying out his plan to help Mr. Dar. (pg. 44)
  5. Mr. Dart chooses a shepherdess disguise for Stanley. (pg. 47)
  6. The sneak thieves get into the museum through a secret trapdoor in the floor. (pg. 52)
  7. Stanley gets a medal for helping to catch the sneak thieves. (pg. 59)

Section 4: Chapter 5

Vocabulary Words
  1. impossible: something that is too difficult
  2. creep: to move very slowly
  3. rummage: to search for something
  4. fling: throw forcefully
  5. rude: impolite
  6. bulge: to stick out or swell
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The toddler threatened to fling her toy across the room if she did not get a cookie.
  2. Mother said it would be impossible to go to Disneyland today because of the weather.
  3. After the rain, I sat and watched a snail creep across the sidewalk.
  4. It was very rude when Jordan cut his place in line.
  5. To find his lost sock, the boy had to rummage through his drawers.
  6. When Karen fell and hit her head, the bump began to quickly bulge.
Comprehension Questions
  1. After a few weeks of fame, people begin to make fun of Stanley. (pg. 60-62)
  2. People begin to laugh at Stanley for being flat. (pg. 62)
  3. Arthur wakes up when he hears Stanley crying. (pg. 63)
  4. Arthur thinks Stanley is mad at him for letting him get tangled when he was a kite. (pg. 63)
  5. Arthur has an idea to pump Stanley with air. (pg. 67)
  6. Arthur tells Stanley to shake his right foot so that it will inflate. (pg. 70)
  7. The Lambchop family celebrates with hot chocolate and making toasts to Arthur for his clever idea. (pg. 71-72)