Ida B

Ida B. bundle

Section 1: Chapters 1-8

  1. discreet: careful not to attract attention or let out private information
  2. forlorn: sad from being left alone
  3. ornery: becoming angry or easily annoyed
  4. perpetual: occurring repeatedly; never ending or changing
  5. potent: very effective; strong; having power or authority
  6. ruckus: a noisy disturbance or quarrel
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. When Mindy ate dinner at grandma’s house, she was discreet in not telling her that the meat was too salty.
  2. My little sister becomes forlorn and cries when we drop her off at preschool every morning.
  3. Jack became ornery when his mom asked him to take the trash out because he did not want to stop building with his legos.
  4. Cassandra comes to school every single day with a perpetual smile on her face.
  5. Even though the potent medicine tasted terrible, Jane knew she must take it in order to recover from the viral infection.
  6. Johnny and Tommy were scolded for the ruckus they caused while chasing each other through the house and screaming at the top of their lungs.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Ida B says there is never enough time for fun. (pg. 3)
  2. Ida B believes that the brook ends up in Canada or the ocean. (pg. 6)
  3. Beulah, Charlie, and Pastel are some of the names that Ida B gives to the trees. (pg. 8)
  4. The trees hear a rumor that something bad is headed Ida B’s way. (pg. 10)
  5. The only time Ida B is called anything other than Ida B is when she is in trouble. (pg. 18)
  6. Ida B causes a stir and gets Mama and Daddy upset when she invents The Soap Mask. (pg. 20)
  7. Daddy wants Ida B to remember that we don’t own the earth, and we are the earth’s caretakers. (pg. 29)
  8. The last thing that Ida B tells Daddy is that she believes the earth takes are of us, too. (pg. 32)
  9. Up until last year, Ida B was homeschooled. (pg. 37)
  10. Ida B sees being homeschooled and being with her parents, friends, and outdoors every day is the best plan in the world. (pg. 40)
  11. Ida B only raises her hand halfway when Ms. Myers calls her name because that was just a part of her name. (pg. 43)
  12. Ida B did not want to be called just Ida because she was afraid she would forget what being Ida B was like. (pg. 45)
  13. Ida B says that Mama and Daddy are like birds because they wake up before it’s light out and they flutter and sing as soon as their eyes are open. (pg. 59)

Section 2: Chapters 9-16

  1. drastic: acting with force or violence; severe in effect
  2. instantaneous: happening or done very quickly; happening in an instant
  3. inquire: to ask about; to investigate
  4. ornery: becoming angry or easily annoyed
  5. particular: concerned about details; having strong opinions about what is acceptable
  6. preoccupied: thinking about or worrying about one thing a great deal
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Taylor’s mom thought that dyeing his hair green and red for the Christmas performance was too drastic.
  2. Oliver’s bike accident was so instantaneous that he did not have time to swerve or slam on the brakes.
  3. Ava asked mom to help her search the internet to inquire about the various types of ocean animals.
  4. My great-grandmother is very particular about letting us visit her only during daylight hours because she likes to get to bed early every evening.
  5. Harper explained that she didn’t feel well at school today because she was preoccupied with not knowing how she did on her math test.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Ida B put tufts of Mama’s hair in her “Bag of Assorted Things for Not Yet Determined Plans.” (pg. 68)
  2. The glowing from Mama’s eyes disappeared during her treatments. (pg. 71)
  3. After Ida B tells the brook that Mama is going to get better soon, the brook says it’s not over yet. (pg. 77)
  4. Daddy tells Ida B that she will have to go back to school starting on Monday. (pg. 81)
  5. After Daddy left, Ida B’s heart hurt the most. (pg. 86)
  6. While Ida B is crying, her heart is getting smaller in her chest and hardening up like a rock. (pg. 87)
  7. After Ida B kicks the trunk of the old tree, she says it is the end of her listening to anybody or anything except herself and her new heart. (pg. 89)
  8. Ida B goes to the bus stop way ahead of time so that she doesn’t have to hear Mama and Daddy tell her that everything will be alright. (pg. 95)
  9. When speaking to the lady in the school office, Ida B believes she belongs at home. (pg. 97)
  10. Ida B can tell her classroom is a warm-feeling-inside place. (pg. 101)
  11. Ida B is surprised that Ms. Washington is asking if Ida is the name she goes by or if she has a nickname she likes to use. (pg. 104)
  12. When Ida B gets home from school, she needs a plan for avoiding Mama because she knows Mama will want to talk. (pg. 110-111)
  13. In Ida B’s head, O.K. stands for Outrageous Katastrophe. (pg. 116)

Section 3: Chapters 17-25

  1. bellow: to shout in a deep voice; to make a deep and loud sound
  2. disdain: feeling of dislike for someone or something considered not good enough
  3. horrify: to cause to feel great fear, dread, or shock
  4. indignant: feeling or showing anger because of something unjust or unworthy
  5. pulverize: to reduce, as by crushing, beating, or grinding, to very small particles; to demolish
  6. retribution: punishment
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Mason bellowed in pain as his baby sister accidentally dropped a rock on his toe.
  2. Amelia looked at the steak dinner with disdain because she did not like the taste of meat.
  3. The children were horrified to see the little white dog wandering in the middle of the busy intersection.
  4. William became indignant when his sister Amelia accused him of eating the last piece of grandma’s banana cream pie.
  5. We always stand amazed when we watch the food processor pulverize the vegetables into tiny pieces.
  6. Aubrey feared retribution if she told the truth about sneaking cookies and treats into her room.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Ida B tries to send telepathic messages to the workers that say, “Get away! You’re at the wrong address!” (pg. 118)
  2. While the workers are cutting down the trees, Ida B says, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” over and over in her head. (pg. 119)
  3. Ida B uses big words and signs the police chief’s name on her signs to make them sound true. (pg. 126)
  4. Ms. Washington’s voice sounds like ten different musical instruments. (pg. 129)
  5. Ida B calls Ms. Washington “Ms. W” in her head. (pg. 131)
  6. Ms. Washington needs Ida B to help Ronnie learn his times tables. (pg. 132)
  7. Ida B respects Ronnie for not giving upg. (pg. 135)
  8. Ronnie looks down at his feet the first time Ida B comes over to his desk. (pg. 135)
  9. Claire said, “You’re mean” right to Ida B’s eyes and her insides. (pg. 169)
  10. Mama and Daddy want to plant more apple trees in the south field land. (pg. 175)
  11. Ida B is getting ready for Claire and retribution. (pg. 183)
  12. Ida B was glad for the sound of Patrice’s voice in the blueness. (pg. 197)

Section 4: Chapters 26-32

  1. atonement: a making up for an offense or injury
  2. cordial: warm and friendly
  3. pummel: to hit repeatedly, typically with the fists
  4. quiver: to move with a slight trembling motion
  5. shrivel: to shrink and become dry and wrinkled
  6. torment: extreme pain or distress of body or mind
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Mia offered to give her brother money as an atonement for accidentally breaking his favorite lego.
  2. The restaurant hostess was relieved when the guests continued to be cordial to her even after she lost their reservation.
  3. Amelia was so angry about her sister breaking her favorite tea set that she cried and pummeled her pillow as hard as she could.
  4. Logan began to quiver from the cold on the walk home from school, wishing he had remembered to bring his jacket.
  5. Jane forgot to water her pink azaleas and was disappointed to see them begin to shrivel in the heat.
  6. Having to wait to open Christmas presents until after breakfast was absolute torment for all of the Smith children.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Ms. Washington says that she just had to say “I’m sorry” to Ida B. (pg. 204)
  2. Ms. W asks Ida B to take a form to the office at 10:27. (pg. 213)
  3. When they run into each other in the lavatory, Claire asks Ida B why she is following her. (pg. 215)
  4. As Claire walks out the bathroom door, she yells back at Ida B, “Just leave me alone!” (pg. 216)
  5. Ida B’s heart feels heavier and lighter at the same time after she gets over the property line. (pg. 221)
  6. Ida B says apologizing is like spring-cleaning because you don’t want to do it and there’s no getting out of it. (pg. 222)
  7. When Ida B kicked the old tree, she was trying to hurt it. (pg. 229)
  8. The old tree tells Ida B, “Always.” (pg. 230)
  9. When Ida B takes a step without considering it too much, Mama smiles and all the glowing wraps itself around both of them. (pg. 240)
  10. Ida B asks Mama if she wants to come on the walk because she thinks that Mama might ease the strain of their togetherness. (pg. 241)
  11. Ida B is surprised to hear Daddy say again, “We are the earth’s caretakers.” (pg. 242)
  12. After Ida B says she thinks the earth takes care of them, Daddy says, “I think you’re right, Ida B.” (pg. 244)