Lulu and the Duck in the Park

Section 1: Chapter 1

  1. brief: lasting a short time
  2. cruel: causing pain
  3. glare: to stare angrily
  4. gloomy: dark and sad
  5. manage: be in charge of
  6. reply: to answer
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. After a brief recess, it was time to go back to the classroom.
  2. I always reply when I receive a message.
  3. Iris was responsible enough to manage her own homework.
  4. The bully got detention because he was being cruel.
  5. The sky was gloomy before it started to rain.
  6. Mom will glare at me if I misbehave.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Lulu is famous for animals. (p. 5)
  2. Mellie is most famous for losing things. (p. 8)
  3. Mrs. Holiday likes animals to be a long way off in the wild. (p. 11)
  4. Lulu’s dog Sam trailed her all the way to school. (p. 12)
  5. Mrs. Holiday says that if Lulu brings the guinea pig a friend, then the guinea pig will have to leave Class Three forever. (p. 16)
  6. Mellie loses her sweater on the swings. (p. 21)
  7. Lulu shares her sweater with Mellie to cheer her up. (p. 24)

Section 2: Chapter 2

  1. avoid: to stay away from
  2. bandstand: an outdoor platform for performances
  3. cobbled: paved with stones
  4. narrow: not wide
  5. soggy: wet and mushy
  6. swapped: traded
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The bicycle bounced along the cobbled road.
  2. After running through the rain, Barry’s shoes became soggy.
  3. I wanted to avoid trouble at school.
  4. He had to squeeze through the narrow path.
  5. She set up the microphones on the bandstand.
  6. Cisco and I swapped lunches.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Tuesday is Class Three’s favorite day at school because it is swimming day. (p. 25)
  2. A shivery bite is a special snack Mrs. Holiday makes for the kids. (p. 29)
  3. Lulu always saves the end of her shivery bite for the white-winged duck. (p. 30)
  4. Two enormous black dogs come tearing across Duck Street. (p. 32)
  5. The miracle happens when the dog obeys Mrs. Holiday and sits when she tells him to. (p. 36)
  6. Lulu sees the last blue egg rolling down the grassy bank. (p. 38)
  7. Lulu picks up the last blue egg and puts it in her pocket. (p. 39)

Section 3: Chapter 3

  1. estimate: guess
  2. fragment: a small part of something
  3. fuss: unnecessary excitement
  4. perimeter: the outside boundary of a figure
  5. sensible: responsible
  6. titanic: of great size or power
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Everyone made a fuss over the new puppy.
  2. Linda knew that she only had a fragment of the whole story.
  3. The bear she saw in the woods was titanic.
  4. Wally ran around the perimeter of the school.
  5. It is sensible to always eat your vegetables.
  6. Can you estimate how many jelly beans are in the jar?
Comprehension Questions
  1. Mellie thinks the word titanic is perfect to describe Mrs. Holiday. (p. 42)
  2. Lulu doesn’t want anyone to help her up because she is worried that the egg is broken. (p. 44)
  3. Charlies says he is a vampire because of his bloody nose. (p. 45-46)
  4. Mrs. Holiday wants the students to have learned that having pets is a great responsibility. (p. 48)
  5. Lulu borrows two wooly hats to make a nest for her egg. (p. 51)
  6. Mrs. Holiday asks Lulu and Mellie to measure the perimeter of a person. (p. 59)
  7. Lulu and Mellie quack at the egg so the duckling doesn’t get lonely. (p. 65)

Section 4: Chapters 4-5

  1. exotic: foreign
  2. hatch: to produce
  3. heap: pile
  4. mental: relating to the mind
  5. spoiled: damaged
  6. stumpy: short and thick
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The spoiled milk smelled horrible.
  2. Joe was upset when I dumped my laundry in a heap on the floor.
  3. The baby waddled on his stumpy legs.
  4. It takes mental strength to do well in school.
  5. Everyone loved the exotic shoes Julia brought back from Europe.
  6. Let’s hatch a plan to catch the bad guys.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Lulu’s egg begins hatching while Mrs. Holiday is reading. (p. 71)
  2. Lulu and Mellie give the duckling water to drink in the bathroom. (p. 75)
  3. Mrs. Holiday is having a hard time reading Harry Potter because the kids are complaining that she isn’t reading the story properly. (p. 76)
  4. It takes Mrs. Holiday a long time to remember that Lulu and Mellie are missing because the guinea pig escaped and had to be recaptured. (p. 78-79)
  5. Mrs. Holiday says no one has ever hatched a duckling under their sweater in 27 years. (p. 83)
  6. Lulu takes the duckling back to the park to the bushes where he had lived before he had hatched. (p. 89)
  7. Lulu tells Henry that the park in the afternoon was a million times better than in the morning. (p. 92)