More Perfect Than the Moon

Section 1: Chapters 1-3

  1. windswept: disturbed by the wind
  2. ecstatic: a state of overwhelming emotion
  3. imagination: a creative ability
  4. elusive: hard to find or capture
  5. lurking: to lie in ambush
  6. observe: to pay attention, to watch
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The children were given a blank sheet of paper and were asked to use their imagination to compose a story or poem.
  2. The class became ecstatic when it was announced there would be no homework that week.
  3. The capture of the elusive cat burglar was top priority for the police.
  4. The wicked witch was lurking in the woods in hopes of trapping the handsome prince.
  5. Many people observe July 4th by having a barbecue and setting off fireworks.
  6. The classroom looked windswept as the children charged out onto the playground.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Cassandra describes herself as a watcher, a listener, and invisible. (pg. 1)
  2. Caleb calls Mama Sarah because she is not his birth mother. (pg. 4)
  3. Cassandra likes to be sneaky by using the “truth” to make up stories. (pg. 5)
  4. By observing her surroundings, Cassie notices that her mama gained weight and that Caleb met a girl. (pg. 7-8)
  5. The fact that Mama skipped lunch and dinner, wasn’t the first one up, went to lie down, and didn’t tuck Cassie in makes Caleb, Cassie, and Grandfather worry. (pg. 11-13)
  6. To set her mind at ease, Cassie writes in her journal that her mother returns home with rosy cheeks and the perfect gift for Cassie. (pg. 20)

Section 2: Pages 4-5

  1. startling: to cause surprise or astonishment
  2. slough: a wet, marshy or muddy place
  3. wondrous: wonderful or marvelous
  4. thumped: to beat, to hit
  5. wilted: to lose freshness or droop
  6. perfect: being entirely without fault or defect
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. When the teacher left the playground the bully thumped the small boy.
  2. The gymnast scored a perfect ten on the balance beam.
  3. Within a few days the beautiful bouquet had wilted and had to be thrown away.
  4. After an intense investigation the detective revealed the startling fact that the butler had committed the jewel theft.
  5. The deer was trapped in the slough.
  6. After a difficult climb the mountain climber had a wondrous view of the valley.
Comprehension Questions
  1. When she first met them, Mama brought Cassie and Anna a smooth sea stone and a shell. (pg. 25)
  2. The perfect gift Mama gives Cassie is a baby. (pg. 27)
  3. Papa loved Cassie from the moment she was born because she smiled right away and smelled sweet. (pg. 31)
  4. Cassie promises to not speak to and not love the baby when it is born. (pg. 1)
  5. Cassie and Anna shared the hiding place in the corn field. (pg. 33-34)
  6. Anna tries to help Cassie feel better about the new baby by sharing that she felt the same way Cassie does when she was born, but her feelings changed. (pg. 36)
  7. The secret Anna shares with Cassie is that she was engaged. (pg. 37)

Section 3: Pages 6-8

  1. drought: a long period of dry weather
  2. frail: physically weak
  3. squinting: to look or peer with eyes partly closed
  4. haying: to cut, store hay
  5. dappled: marked with small spots or patches of color
  6. bridle: the headgear with which a horse is controlled
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The student was squinting at the teacher’s notes on the board because she had left her glasses at home.
  2. The rider was amazed when he received a beautiful new silver bridle for his horse.
  3. During the Dustbowl the Midwest experienced devastating winds and drought.
  4. The frail old lady’s hands shook as she tried to knit a sweater for her grandchild.
  5. After a hard day of haying the farmers relax on the porch with a fresh lemonade.
  6. The newborn rabbit was an unusual dappled brown and orange.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Maggie and Matthew were the first friends that Mama made when she left Maine. Their return is special because they had to leave due to a drought. (pg. 40)
  2. Cassie had never been complimented that she was beautiful and writes well before. (pg. 41-42)
  3. Cassie fears that her mama is too old to have a baby and may die like Caleb’s mama. (pg. 46)
  4. Mama did not expect to be having another baby. (pg. 48)
  5. Cassie is having difficulty writing because she has too much on her mind, specifically the new baby. (pg. 51)
  6. Cassie watches her mama at every opportunity because she feels she needs to be her protector. (pg. 55)
  7. The bargain Mama and Cassie make is that if Cassie stops following her and watching her at night, Mama will call Cassie if she needs help. (pg. 59)

Section 4: Pages 9-10

  1. exquisite: pleasing through beauty or excellence
  2. glorious: marked by great beauty, excellence or splendor
  3. magnificent: having grandeur, splendor or beauty
  4. runt: an unusually small person or animal
  5. gosling: a young goose
  6. imitated: to follow a pattern, model or example
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The diamond in the bride’s engagement ring was exquisite.
  2. The dance students imitated the steps of the dance instructor.
  3. At the animal shelter the young boy chose the runt of the litter.
  4. The knight looked magnificent in his shiny new armor.
  5. The mother goose led the gosling into the pond for its first swim.
  6. The brightness of the sun as it began to peer over the mountain gave a promise of a glorious day to come.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Grandfather reveals that Cassie and Caleb taught him how to use fancy long words. (pg. 63)
  2. Mama used the words strong-minded and opinionated to describe Maggie when they first met. (pg. 65)
  3. Grandfather gives Cassie a newborn lamb as a present. (pg. 66)
  4. Cassie makes Mama laugh by telling her she wrote in her journal that they didn’t have the terrible baby, but instead had a lamb named Beatrice. (pg. 71)
  5. Cassie comforts Mama by reading aloud parts of her journal. (pg. 75)
  6. Cassie decides that baby’s name should be Beatrice but it is rejected because the baby is a boy. (pg. 79)
  7. After finally holding the baby, Cassie says that he is more perfect than the moon. (pg. 80)