Mozart Season

Mozart Season Bundle

Section 1: Chapters 1-4

  1. allegro: a quick tempo in music
  2. tenacity: very determined in a task
  3. catastrophe: a disastrous or destructive event
  4. exasperate: to irritate someone
  5. annihilate: to destroy something completely
  6. ambivalent: having mixed feelings about someone or something
  7. coherent: logical and clear
Comprehension Questions
  1. A cadenza is when the violin plays alone, and there are three cadenzas in Mozart’s Fourth Concerto in D. pg. 3
  2. Double strokes are two notes played at once on different strings. pg. 4
  3. Mr. Kaplan wants Allegra to remember that Mr. Bloch had tenacity, fearlessness, and a great soul. pg. 10
  4. Allegra thinks it will be a catastrophe if she doesn’t play in the competition because then she will be just another boring violin student and won’t get noticed by Joel Smirnoff. pg. 11
  5. Allegra says you can always pick out a violinist in the crowd by the bruise on their neck caused by the chin rest on their instruments. pg. 19
  6. Allegra thinks of the man dancing in the crowd when she is trying to sleep. pg. 27
  7. Allegra’s great grandmother died at Treblinka during the Holocaust. pg. 31
  8. The first thing that Allegra plans to do before the Bloch competition is to memorize her concerto. pg. 41
  9. Mr. Kaplan wants Allegra to be in “partnership” with her concerto in order to grow closer to Mozart. pg. 50
  10. Allegra likes the Green Violinist because is looks like the man is making the music fly into the air. pg. 54
  11. Deidre says Allegra must remember everything she’s learned about her music, and forget it at the same time in order to make the music her own. pg. 58
  12. In addition to playing sections loud, Allegra also practices playing sections softly. pg. 68
  13. Allegra and Deidre discover that the sculture makes different tones when you strike it in different places. pg. 71
  14. Deidre means that music already exists, and is merely discovered by people. pg. 75

Section 2: Chapters 5-8

  1. hinterland: an uncharted area beyond a body of water
  2. bewilder: to cause someone to be amazed or confused
  3. maniac: someone who acts wild or violent
  4. imbecile: a dumb person
  5. irresponsible: making rash decisions
  6. inspire: to make someone want to do something
  7. unique: one of a kind, or unlike anything else
Comprehension Questions
  1. Mozart had written so much music during his life that there was no particular order to the pieces after he died. pg. 78
  2. Allegra’s father believes that the wonderful voice is what is really inside of Deidre. pg. 81
  3. Allegra wonders what it is that brings the music out of the man’s instrument. pg. 92
  4. Cadenzas were different in Mozart’s time in that the musician was supposed to improvise and the part was not written down. pg. 98
  5. Mr. Kaplan thinks that the spirit is wonderful in community orchestras. pg. 103
  6. Allegra had forgotten that anyone else was there, which made the second movement cadenza sound unusually beautiful. pg. 107
  7. Physics make performing outside difficult because it makes strings go out of tune and makes it hard for people to hear depending on where they’re sitting. pg. 112
  8. Jessica thinks that the dancing man is lonely. pg. 113
  9. After dancing with the dancing man, Jessica tells Allegra that his name is Trouble. pg. 114
  10. Allegra goes for a bike ride when she needs to relax at 12:22 a.m. pg. 120
  11. If Allegra’s mother’s orchestra is locked out, she will have to play the competition in the afternoon and a concert that same night. pg. 127
  12. The girls’ teacher sometimes calls them the “Three Weird Sisters.” pg. 129
  13. The dancing man tells Allegra that he has lost his “Waltz Tree” song. pg. 137
  14. According to Jessica, bamboo is a symbol for bending but not breaking. pg. 142

Section 3: Chapters 9-11

  1. nuance: a subtle difference in the sound of music
  2. pernicious: having a subtle but harmful effect on something
  3. flippant: lacking a respectful attitude
  4. delirious: in a wildly excited state of mind
  5. savagery: fierceness
  6. upstage: to steal attention from something
  7. mete: to punish
Comprehension Questions
  1. David asks his parents to worry less about what she will be in the futre, and notice what she is now. pg. 151
  2. Allegra thinks her mother saves insect’s lives because they are alive one minute and dead the next. pg. 151
  3. Allegra realizes that her parents are terrified of losignt heir loved ones. pg. 152
  4. Allegra discovers that her new stand partner will be playing at the Bloch finals. pg. 156
  5. Allegra says that hitting a wrong not interrupts your concentration. pg. 160
  6. Allegra thinks that watching Steve play pushed her out of bed abnormally early. pg. 160
  7. Mrs. Kaplan warns Allegra about the dangers of riding her bike after offering her popovers and jam. pg. 161
  8. Mr. Kaplan asks Allegra to play Brahms’ Lullaby however she is feeling right then. pg. 165
  9. Allegra’s grandmother gives her a photograph of her great grandmother. pg. 169
  10. Allegra sees her Jewish half, and her Gentile half, noticing the Polish purse. pg. 172
  11. When the Bloch competition is five weeks away, Allegra asks herself if she going to play in it. pg. 175
  12. Allegra realizes that she can relearn the entire concerto just as if she was a beginner. pg. 176
  13. Michelangelo says that he hammers the marble because there is an angel inside and he’s trying to let it out. pg. 184
  14. Allegra says that Steve’s notes sound round and smooth like waves in the ocean. pg. 190

Section 4: Chapters 12-14

  1. gurgle: to make a bubbly sound
  2. sprawl: to lay down in an awkward way
  3. frenzy: uncontrolled and wild behavior
  4. berserk: out of control with emotion
  5. vague: unclear
  6. persistence: continuing a task in spite of difficulty
  7. empathy: to understand the feelings of someone else
Comprehension Questions
  1. Allegra tells her grandmother that she will play in the competition in honor of her great grandmother. pg. 192
  2. The cartoon shows Allegra as a giant, and shows her playing too harsh on the violin. pg. 197
  3. Allegra will not admit to anyone that her practice is getting easier. pg. 199
  4. Karen says that that, if you let the music heal you, you’ll be okay. pg. 206
  5. The Bloch contestants think that Larry Ladley is ignorant and childish. pg. 209
  6. Karen calls Steve a “cucumber” when he won’t talk to anyone in the elevator. pg. 213
  7. Allegra believes Steve will become a concert violinist because he is a prodigy. pg. 219
  8. Allegra thinks that geniuses are weird. pg. 219
  9. Allegra’s mother advises her to remember that she needs to enjoy herself. pg. 223
  10. Allegra’s father reminds her to take delight in her performance. pg. 223
  11. The violinists will remain anonymous by performing behind a screen. pg. 225
  12. Violinist number two broke their D string during their performance. pg. 227
  13. Allegra pictures her great-grandmother when she is about to perform. pg. 229
  14. Christine thinks that Steve is mad when he gets second place in the competition. pg. 233