My Name is María Isabela

Section 1: Chapters 1-3

  1. gulp: to swallow quickly
  2. secure: to feel safe and sound
  3. jut: to stick up or out
  4. eager: enthusiastic for something
  5. shrill: having a sharp, high sound
  6. ebb: to flow away from the shore
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Wesley was eager for the camping trip with his Boy Scout troop to begin.
  2. The seagulls made a shrill sound when the dog chased them off the beach.
  3. After hours in a small row boat, Jenna felt secure standing on dry land.
  4. The mountains seemed to jut out of the vast desert scenery.
  5. The ebb and flow of the ocean tide is very calming.
  6. Jack had to gulp down his chocolate milk so he wouldn’t be late for practice.
Comprehension Questions
    1. Maria Isabel’s mother says to her, “May God be with you,” when she leaves for school. (p. 3)
    2. Aunt Aurea made Maria Isabel’s favorite yellow dress. (p. 6)
    3. The teacher decides to call her Mary since there are already two Marias in the class. (p. 8)
    4. Maria Isabel started school in Puerto Rico. (p. 13)
    5. Marta Perez is the name of the girl who takes Maria Isabel by the hand. (p. 14)
    6. Maria Isabel wishes her teacher would stop calling her Mary. (p. 17)

Section 2: Chapters 4-5

      1. librarian: a person in charge of the library
      2. pilgrims: newcomers to a place
      3. annoy: to bother
      4. pendant: a hanging ornament
      5. soot: fine black dust
      6. glare: to stare in an angry way
Vocabulary Sentences
      1. The large steam ship carried many Irish pilgrims to New York City.
      2. The diamond pendant sparkled on the Queen’s neck.
      3. The mean dog would glare at the mailman if he forgot to bring a treat.
      4. Mrs. Smith, the librarian has a really fun story time every Saturday morning.
      5. The neighborhood dogs annoy me when they bark all the time.
      6. Cities were covered in dirty soot all through the industrial revolution.
Comprehension Questions
      1. Marta Perez takes Maria to the library during lunch. (p. 19)
      2. Maria Isabel is worried that the kids think she is dumb because she didn’t answer the teacher’s question. (p. 22)
      3. The family moves to the apartment because Mr. Salazar has a new job taking care of apartment buildings. (p. 23)
      4. Antonio is happy to live in the apartment because he can have his own room. (p. 24)
      5. Maria Isabel makes salad, rice, beans, and meat for dinner. (p.26)
      6. The students are going to stage the play called Amahl and the Night Visitors. (p. 29)
      7. Maria Isabel is reading the book called “Charlotte’s Web.” (p. 30)

Section 3: Chapters 6-7

      1. barrette: a clasp for holding hair
      2. magazine: a monthly publication
      3. wreath: a circle shaped decoration
      4. menorah: a holder for nine candles
      5. rehearsal: a practice time
      6. shy: timid
Vocabulary Sentences
      1. Avery always looks forward to receiving his LEGO magazine in the mail.
      2. The actors have to go to rehearsal every night leading up to the play.
      3. The Johnson’s front door has a festive Christmas wreath on it.
      4. My sister loves to wear a sparkly barrette in her hair and dance around the house.
      5. Every Hanukkah our family lights the menorah and sings songs together.
      6. Helen feels very shy when she meets new people.
Comprehension Questions
      1. The Salazars visit their old neighborhood on Thanksgiving Day. (p. 32)
      2. Maria Isabel’s friend Virginia wasn’t there when she went to visit. (p. 33)
      3. Carmen wants to make Maria Isabel prettier with makeup as soon as she meets her. (p. 33)
      4. Carmen wants to be a makeup artist for movie stars when she grows up. (p. 34)
      5. Maria Isabel does not tell Clara about her new school and her teacher who seems angry with her. (p. 36)
      6. Suni Paz teaches the class to sing the song, “The Candles of Hannukah.” (p. 39)
      7. Maria Isabel daydreams about becoming a famous singer. (p. 42)

Section 4: Chapters 8-10

      1. pajamas: clothes for sleeping in
      2. drizzle: very light rain
      3. manger: a feed box for horses or cattle
      4. pageant: a public performance of a historical event
      5. volunteer: to freely offer to do something
      6. essay: a short piece of writing on a particular subject
Vocabulary Sentences
      1. Everyone should learn to write a great essay.
      2. Everyone gets to play a part in this year’s Christmas pageant.
      3. I forgot to bring my pajamas to the sleep-over, so I had to sleep in my clothes.
      4. Even though it was barely a drizzle, it was still too wet to go out and play.
      5. The volunteer workers built an entire house in one day.
      6. The farm worker put enough hay in the manger to last all night.
Comprehension Questions
      1. Maria Isabel’s father is most looking forward to hearing her sing. (p. 43)
      2. Maria goes to her room, puts on her pajamas, and goes to bed after helping with the dishes. (p. 44)
      3. The teacher asks the students to write an essay titled “My Greatest Wish.” (p. 48)
      4. Maria Isabel’s first wish is to make a snowman. (p. 48)
      5. Maria Isabel’s third wish is that her teacher would call her Maria Isabel Salazar Lopez. (p. 50-51)
      6. Maria Isabel says if she’s called by her real name, then she can listen better in class and have a part in the play. (p. 51)
      7. The teacher asks Maria Isabel to lead the song about the Hanukkah candles. (p. 54)