Paul Galdone

Week 1: The Three Little Kittens

  • sadly: showing sadness
  • naughty: disobedient or badly behaved
  • soiled: made dirty
  • sigh: a big deep breath
  • darling: pretty or cute
  1. Those naughty children drew pictures on the walls of grandma’s house.
  2. John let out a sigh when he found his keys.
  3. After making mud pies, mother washed soiled clothes.
  4. The baby looked darling in her new Easter clothes.
  5. Sadly, the boy ate the last bite of his chocolate bar.
  1. When the kittens lost their mittens they cried. Pg 5
  2. When they told Mother what happened she was angry. Pg 9
  3. Since the kittens lost their mittens they were not allowed to have pie. Pg 10
  4. When the kittens found their mittens they cried because they were happy. Pg 13
  5. When the kittens found their mittens Mother told them they shall have some pie. Pg 17
  6. After eating the pie, the kittens were afraid because they soiled their mittens. Pg 20
  7. The kittens worked together to wash their mittens. Pg 25
  8. Mother said she smelled a rat close by. Pg 31
  9. The kittens replied, “Yes, we smell a rat close by. Meow, meow, meow.” Pg 32

Week 2: The Little Pigs

  • frighten: to scare someone
  • bundle: things tied together
  • fortune: wealth or riches
  • indeed: in truth and fact
  • blaze: a very large fire
  1. Liam kept his pencil collection tied in a neat bundle on his desk.
  2. The man received a fortune when he struck oil in his backyard.
  3. Standing close to the blaze will be dangerous.
  4. The mischievous boy tried to frighten his little sister by sneaking up on her.
  5. Indeed, Martha is a very nice girl!
  1. When the first little pig saw the man with the straw he decided to build a house.
  2. Because the first little pig’s house was not strong, the wolf blew it down.
  3. The second little pig met a man with sticks and decided to build a house.
  4. Sadly, the second little pig’s house was so weak that the wolf was able to blow it down and eat him.
  5. Because the third little pig built his house of bricks, the wolf could not blow it down.
  6. First, the sly wolf tried to trick the third little pig by leading him to turnips on Mr. Smith’s farm.
  7. The little pig outsmarted the wolf by going to the farm before the wolf arrived.
  8. Next, the wolf told the little pig about an apple tree at Merry Garden.
  9. Finally, the wolf told the little pig about a fair where he bought a butter churn.
  10. When the wolf climbed down the chimney, the little pig boiled a pot of water and cooked the wolf for supper.

Week 3: The Little Red Hen

  • eager: wanting to do something very much
  • snooze: a short sleep
  • delicious: tasting very good
  • scamper: to run quickly
  • cozy: warm and comfortable
  1. Ann had to scamper across the kitchen to avoid the mouse.
  2. His mother advised him to snooze because they would be out late that evening.
  3. The angel cake was a delicious treat.
  4. Taylor was always eager to do his homework.
  5. The cozy armchair in the living room is a wonderful place to read.
  1. Because the cat liked to sleep all day, he would not help with housework.
  2. Because the dog liked to nap all day, he would not help with housework.
  3. Because the mouse like to snooze all day, he would not help with housework.
  4. Because the cat, dog, and mouse were lazy, the little red hen had to do all the work.
  5. After finding grains of wheat in the garden, the little red hen decided to plant them.
  6. Since the cat, dog and mouse would not help her, the little red hen had to plant the wheat, water the wheat, cut the wheat, and take the wheat to the mill.
  7. After the wheat was made into flour, the cat, the dog, and the mouse still would not help, so little red hen had to make the herself.
  8. When the cat, the dog, and the mouse smelled the cake they got up because they wanted some of the cake.
  9. Because the little red hen had done all the work she wouldn’t give the cat, dog and mouse any cake.
  10. In the end, the cat, the dog, and the mouse learned a valuable lesson about work and became very eager to help.

Week 4: Henny Penny

  • struck: hit
  • feast: a large meal
  • palace: a royal residence
  • shortcut: a quicker way
  • until: up to a point in time
  1. On Thanksgiving, our family enjoys a delicious feast.
  2. The girl was struck by a paper airplane soaring through the classroom.
  3. The Queen of England lives in a large palace.
  4. Nathan found a shortcut to the bakery and arrived well before his sister.
  5. She practiced until the hour before her piano recital.
  1. An acorn hit Henny Penny on the head.
  2. Henny Penny assumed that the sky was falling.
  3. Because Henny Penny did not know what hit her she ran to tell the King.
  4. As she journeyed on, Henny Penny met a rooster, a duck, a goose and a turkey.
  5. Foxy Loxy told the group that he knew of a shortcut to the King.
  6. Foxy Loxy led the group to his cave and they were never seen again.
  7. As a result, the King never was told that the sky is falling.
  8. Foxy Loxy and his family remember fine feast they had.

Week 5: The Three Bears

  • porridge: hot cereal
  • peek: to look quickly
  • trust: to rely on someone
  • parlor: a sitting room in a house
  • wee: very small
  1. The mouse family lives in a wee hole in the kitchen.
  2. Chris ate porridge for breakfast almost every day.
  3. The children trust their father.
  4. Sometimes Hannah would peek at the last pages of a book to see how the story would end.
  5. There is a piano and a cozy couch in the parlor of their home.
  1. The Three Bears lived in the woods. Pg 2
  2. Each bear had a bowl, a chair, and a bed. Pgs 6,7,8
  3. When Goldlilocks found the Three Bear’s house she looked in the window, turned the door’s handle and entered the house. Pg 12
  4. Because the Three Bear’s were trusting they did not lock the door. Pg 12
  5. Goldilocks ate the Little Wee Bear’s porridge. Pg 15
  6. Goldilocks broke Little Wee Bear’s chair. Pg 17
  7. Goldilocks fell asleep in Little Wee Bear’s bed. Pg 18
  8. When the Three Bears went into the bedroom they discovered Goldilocks asleep in Little Wee Bear’s bed. Pg 29
  9. When Goldilocks saw the bears she was so scared that she jumped out of the window and ran away. Pg 30-31