Pictures of Hollis Woods

Section 1: First Picture-Fourth Picture

  1. iridescent: a shimmering or sparkling color pattern
  2. lurch: to walk uncontrollably, to stagger
  3. mangy: shabby or in poor condition
  4. meander: to walk aimlessly or without a goal
  5. perch: a bar that a bird rests on
  6. skitter: to move lightly or in a hurry
  7. whittle: to carve wood into a shape
Comprehension Questions
  1. Hollis wants the letter “W” to stand for “wish,” want,” or “Wouldn’t it be lovely.” pg. 1
  2. Hollis feels she needs only a pencil and piece of paper to get along. pg. 2-3
  3. When Hollis looked into the eyes of the mustard woman, she saw that she felt sorry for, but didn’t know what to do with Hollis. pg. 6
  4. What stands out most about Josie Cahill when Hollis first sees her is that she is holding a knife. pg. 7
  5. The stucco woman wants to send Hollis to the country for two months because then she won’t have to deal with her. pg. 13
  6. Hollis couldn’t get a perfect picture of she and Steven playing checkers because she saw what it was like to have a brother. pg. 17
  7. When Hollis gives Josie permission to work on her tree figure, Josie responds saying that she has already started. pg. 25
  8. When Hollis catches her first fish, she slips on the rocks and almost falls into the river. pg. 28
  9. Hollis knows that Josie sometimes forgets things. pg. 31
  10. Hollis watches Josie dance in the street instead of doing homework. pg. 36
  11. The Old Man gives Hollis a set of colored pencils, a drawing pad, and an eraser. pg. 37-38
  12. Hollis tells herself not to think about the “W” picture that shows a mother, father, brother, and sister. pg. 40

Section 2: Chapter 4-Eighth Picture

  1. bleak: dreary, plain, or miserable
  2. dainty: small, delicate and pretty
  3. frenzied: wild or uncontrollable
  4. hammock: a cloth bed suspended between two objects
  5. linger: to spend a long time doing something
  6. motto: a phrase that a person lives by
  7. stanchion: an upright bar supporting something
Comprehension Questions
  1. Beatrice is impressed with Hollis’ Artwork. pg. 43
  2. Beatrice teaches Hollis how to deepen the shadows on a drawing of the sea. pg. 44
  3. Beatrice knows that Hollis loves Josie because of how she drew her. pg. 45-46
  4. Hollis was named after “Holliswood,” the place where she was abandoned as a baby. pg. 48
  5. Hollis will have to go to school if she wants to stay with Josie. pg. 54
  6. Beatrice is going to New Mexico to paint the adobe houses and desert. pg. 55-56
  7. When the Izzy and the Old Man go out to the movies, Steven teaches Hollis how to drive. pg. 60
  8. When Hollis hears it will be a foggy day, she decides to go to the beach. pg. 63
? pg. 64
  9. Hollis decided that, before the end of summer, she was going to climb the mountain and yell at the top of her lungs that she finally has a family. pg. 71
  10. Josie says that Henry, Hollis and herself will fly to the ends of the earth in the Silver Bullet. pg. 76
  11. Hollis felt that fitting into a new family would be like jamming a puzzle piece into the wrong spot. pg. 79

Section 3: Chapter 9-Chapter 12

  1. bewildered: confused or amazed
  2. incorrigible: refusing or unable to be corrected
  3. lurch: to walk uncontrollably, to stagger
  4. poach: to boil an egg without its shell
  5. rummage: to search hurriedly and messily for something
  6. silhouette: a dark shape outlining something or someone
  7. wade: to trudge through water
Comprehension Questions
  1. Hollis calls back over her shoulder to remind Josie that that they are going to a safe house by the river. pg. 81
  2. Hollis had learned that the first hours, when nobody knew she was missing, were the most important when she was running away. pg. 82
  3. Hollis thinks the mustard woman will call the police when she realizes Hollis is missing. pg. 86
  4. Hollis thinks that Beatrice will come home if she calls, ruining her dream of painting in the desert. pg. 89
  5. The worst moment Hollis experiences when waiting for the bus is when she realizes that she will never see her drawing box again. pg. 90
  6. Hollis raises her hands to her ears because she doesn’t want to hear the sound of the truck hitting the trees. pg. 95-96
  7. Hollis feels guilty because she is the one who really wants to go to the mountaintop. pg. 99-100
  8. As Hollis serves toast and tea, Josie is wondering about Beatrice and smoothing Hollis’ face. pg. 105
  9. Hollis is frightened when she sees a person standing among the trees. pg. 108
  10. Hollis is going to shout about tough she is and that she belongs when she reaches the top of the mountain. pg. 111
  11. Hollis decides to give Josie a drawing of herself as a Christmas present. pg. 115
  12. Hollis wanders around searching for a radio. pg. 117

Section 4: Eleventh Picture-Fourteenth Picture

  1. clench: to close ones fist in a tight ball
  2. encrusted: covered in a hard layer of something
  3. gouge: to make a groove or hole in something with a tool
  4. mantel: a shelf over a fireplace
  5. numb: unable to feel normal emotions
  6. pulsing: to throb rhythmically
  7. trudged: to walk heavily in harsh conditions
Comprehension Questions
  1. At the top of the mountain, Hollis tells herself she is going to attend school, be nicer, and be a new person, turning over “a new leaf.” pg. 121
  2. Steven describes the “W” picture as a “wishing picture” when Hollis shows it to him. pg. 123
  3. Steven knew Hollis had to stay with them when she let him win the checkers game. pg. 124
  4. Hollis hears Christmas music playing from inside the cabin. pg. 127
  5. Hollis wants an egg for Christmas because of all the ways she can prepare it. pg. 130
  6. Hollis doesn’t ask Josie if she picked up the sweater because she knows she wouldn’t remember, anyway. pg. 132
  7. After staying with the stucco woman for most of September, Hollis ran away. pg. 137
  8. Hollis doesn’t like to think about next year because she doesn’t know where she will be. pg. 139
  9. The blurry picture on Steven’s dresses is of the river. pg. 142
  10. Hollis remembers that Beatrice told her there are things in the drawings that she didn’t know were there before. pg. 150
  11. Josie tells Hollis that Santa Claus looks “cold.” pg. 153
  12. Hollis signs her picture using all three names because she wants to remember who she used to be, and all those names belong to her. pg. 165