Section 1: Chapters 1-4

  1. cross: annoyed or angry
  2. blessing: something that helps you
  3. journal: a book of personal experiences
  4. prairie: large flat land covered in grasses
  5. shingles: thing building material covering a roof
  6. dozens: more than one quantity of 12
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. A hurricane blew off all the shingles from our roof.
  2. Evelyn has written diligently in her journal for years.
  3. The vast American prairie is home to many species.
  4. Our mother reminded us to count our blessings.
  5. The Williams family had been camping dozens of times over the years.
  6. Jamie said some very cross words to his sister.
Comprehension Questions
  1. The dogs want to be in the pictures with Papa and Sarah on the porch. (p. 4)
  2. Caleb keeps repeating the phrase “happily ever after” through the summer and fall. (p. 8)
  3. Papa tells Sarah she shouldn’t wash the floor anymore because they need to save water. (p. 10)
  4. Sarah tells Caleb that Papa’s life was between the lines. (p. 13)
  5. Sarah’s cat, Seal, has been visiting the orange cat named Sam at Maggie’s house. (p. 16)
  6. Sarah’s aunts, Harriet, Mattie, and Lou, send them letters from Maine. (p. 22)
  7. Caleb comes in from outside after bedtime because he had something to do for Papa. (p. 25)

Section 2: Chapters 5-8

  1. granary: a building where grain is stored
  2. thread: a long thin line of something
  3. dreams: thoughts, visions, feelings that happen during sleep
  4. survive: to remain alive
  5. coyote: North American wild animal related to dogs
  6. phonograph: instrument that plays music
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. A furry coyote walked into the pasture.
  2. If you get lost in the snow, you may not survive.
  3. The old granary caught fire with all the wheat inside.
  4. My grandma played records on her phonograph.
  5. Lori has scary dreams at night.
  6. The dust storm started as a thin thread of dirt spiraling up into the air.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Sarah tells Maggie that she can’t give up everything she’s worked hard for. (p. 31)
  2. The good news Papa has found out is that Sarah’s birthday is coming soon. (p. 33)
  3. Papa throws Sarah to the ground because her skirt was on fire. (p. 36)
  4. Everyday the family has to haul water in big wooden barrels to give to the animals. (p. 42)
  5. Maggie compares Sarah to a prairie lark. (p. 45)
  6. Sarah stops Jacob from shooting the coyote because he only wanted water. (p. 49)
  7. Anna gives Sarah a book she has started writing about the family. (p. 53)

Section 3: Chapters 9-11

  1. corral: fenced area to hold animal
  2. clackety: a series of sharp sounds
  3. shutters: covers for a window
  4. silk: cloth made from silkworm threads
  5. tide: rising and falling movement of ocean levels
  6. independent: self-governing
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The queen had a vermillion dress made from silk cloth.
  2. Jonah left home to become independent.
  3. The toy truck made a clackety noise.
  4. When the tide goes out, rocky pools appear.
  5. One hundred horses were divided between ten corrals.
  6. The painters brushed blue paint on the shutters.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Matthew and Maggie pack up and leave because their well went dry. (p. 56)
  2. Papa and Sarah tell the children they will have to go to Maine. (p. 60)
  3. Chub is wearing a vest with a gold chain across it when Sarah sees him at the train station. (p. 64)
  4. Sarah tells Caleb that they will love them and give them lots of kisses. (p. 66)
  5. Sarah walks by the water every day in the morning and the evening. (p. 69)
  6. Seal’s kittens are gray just like Seal. (p. 73)
  7. Caleb dreams that Papa looks for them but can’t find them. (p. 76)

Section 4: Chapters 12-15

  1. slicker: waterproof rain jacket
  2. buoy: a marker that floats on water
  3. driftwood: floating wood that has washed ashore
  4. lobster: ocean animal with large claws
  5. wonderful: extremely good
  6. wagon: a vehicle with four wheels pulled by animals
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Ships passed right and left of the buoy in the river.
  2. A most delicious soup is made with lobster meat.
  3. Josie wore her bright yellow rain slicker.
  4. It’s wonderful news that the baby was born.
  5. Four horses pulled a heavy wagon through the mud.
  6. Children were making a play house out of driftwood.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Anna doesn’t tell Papa about the rain in her letter. (p. 80)
  2. Caleb says Aunt Lou looks like a big fish in the moonlight. (p. 82)
  3. Anna’s heart skips a beat when Caleb says it’s almost time for school to start. (p. 85)
  4. Caleb and William catch flounder. (p. 89)
  5. Caleb sees Papa at the top of the hill. (p. 90)
  6. Papa and Sarah tell the big news that they will have a baby in the spring. (p. 93)
  7. Sarah writes her name in the dirt. (p. 97)