The Bears on Hemlock Mountain

bears on hemlock mountain bundle

Section 1: Chapters 1-3

  1. fine: good or acceptable
  2. creature: an animal
  3. sparrow: common bird
  4. christened: baptized
  5. fetch: go get something
  6. muffler: neck scarf
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. My aunt wrapped the pink muffler around Sally’s neck.
  2. The little brown sparrow flew down from the tree.
  3. George owned a fine old pick-up truck.
  4. John asked Sarah to fetch his bike from the garage.
  5. Little boys and girls are being christened this Sunday.
  6. There are many small creatures in the forest.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Jonathan is eight years old when he first goes over Hemlock Mountain. (ch. 1)
  2. Jonathan’s mother makes pumpkin, apple, and squash pies. (ch. 1)
  3. Jonathan and Uncle James hear the song sparrow say, “Put on the kettle, kettle, kettle!” (ch. 2)
  4. The raccoon picks up the apple with his paws and dips it in the water. (ch. 2)
  5. The aunts, uncles, and cousins want to have supper at the farmhouse after the christening. (ch. 3)
  6. Jonathan’s mother wants him to fetch the big iron pot from Aunt Emma. (ch. 3)
  7. Jonathan put cookies in his pocket in case he was late coming over the mountain. (ch. 3)

Section 2: Chapters 4-6

  1. nonsense: foolish idea
  2. company: to stay with
  3. enormous: great in size
  4. noble: good personal qualities
  5. arched: bent, curved
  6. pitcher: pouring container
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Carol used to keep her grandmother company while she lived alone.
  2. Mr. Dell lived a noble life as he helped people in need.
  3. It was nonsense to think he could hike for nine days without water.
  4. The children arched a piece of wood too far and it snapped.
  5. Grandmother kept a cold pitcher of water in the fridge.
  6. My daughter’s feet were enormous for her age.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Jonathan repeats, “There are no bears on Hemlock Mountain, no bears at all.” (ch. 4)
  2. The squirrels look around with their paws on their hearts when they come for the nuts. (ch. 4)
  3. Jonathan sees his endless footprints in the snow. (ch. 5)
  4. Jonathan knows the sun is warmer on this side of the mountain when he hears the drip sound.(ch. 6)
  5. Jonathan feels the crumbs in his pocket and throws them to the birds.(ch. 6)
  6. Jonathan sniffs and says, “Smells good in here!” after being polite long enough. (ch. 6)
  7. Jonathan falls asleep after having cookies and milk in the rocking chair. (ch. 6)

Section 3: Chapters 7-8

  1. stretched: made long
  2. rumble: a low heavy sound
  3. puzzle: to confuse someone
  4. cross: angry
  5. pistol: a type of gun
  6. safe house: a hiding place
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Steve felt cross after he fell in the stream.
  2. Taylor stretched his legs after yoga.
  3. The witness to the crime was living in a safe house.
  4. Jim carried a pistol when he went hunting.
  5. Trucks rumble through the streets making noise.
  6. The story she told was like a puzzle, and we didn’t understand it.
Comprehension Questions
  1. The big, black cat was also sleeping by the fire at Aunt Emma’s house. (ch. 7)
  2. Aunt Emma wonders if Jonathan came over just to eat her cookies. (ch. 7)
  3. Jonathan is quite sure that his aunt was thinking about bears when they said good-bye. (ch. 7)
  4. Jonathan is very cross with himself because he forgot to ask Aunt Emma to borrow the big iron pot. (ch. 7)
  5. Jonathan’s aunt begins to worry when he is out of sight. (ch. 7)
  6. When it starts to get dark, Jonathan hears a branch break as loud as a pistol shot. (ch. 8)
  7. Jonathan digs a hole, turns the iron pot upside down, and hides inside when he sees two bears coming nearer. (ch. 8)

Section 4: Chapters 9-10

  1. foolish: lacking good sense
  2. noise: a sound
  3. lumber: to move ponderously
  4. fright: scare
  5. hung: drooped
  6. proud: pleased with
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The old dog hung his head down all the time.
  2. Teddy was very proud of his children’s accomplishments.
  3. Sometimes people can have foolish ideas.
  4. We watched the elephant lumber around his pen.
  5. Jason hates loud noise.
  6. Albert gave me a fright when he suddenly appeared.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Jonathan makes foolish words in order to keep up his courage. Or, Jonathan says, “There…Are…No…Bears…On…Hemlock…Mountain…No…Bears…At…All” in order to keep up his courage. (ch. 9)
  2. The bears were right beside the big iron pot when the sound stopped.(ch. 9)
  3. Jonathan remembers he is not alone when he hears the birds twittering and chattering / animals in the trees. (ch. 9)
  4. Jonathan hears the sound of boots on the snow away off in the distance. (ch. 9)
  5. When Jonathan says there are bears on Hemlock Mountain, his father says, “Stuff and nonsense!” (ch. 10)
  6. When Jonathan’s dad and uncles see the bear tracks, they say, “So! So-o-o!” (ch. 10)
  7. Jonathan could not explain how the birds, squirrels, and rabbits had helped him. (ch. 10)