The Liberation of Gabriel King

The Liberation of Gabriel King Bundle

Section 1: Chapters 1-6

  1. liberate: to set someone free from something
  2. commotion: a noisy disturbance
  3. integrate: to bring groups of people together
  4. solemn: dignified and quiet
  5. waylaid: to interrupt someone
  6. overcome: to prevail over a difficult problem
  7. justified: having done something for good reason
Comprehension Questions
  1. Frita and Gabriel hide out under the picnic table during recess. pg. 2
  2. Sixth grade means that Gabriel will have to deal with Duke Evans and Frankie Carmen. pg. 3
  3. Jimmy Carter, Gabriel’s Governor, is running for president in 1976. pg. 6
  4. Gabriel describes Duke Evans as the “biggest, meanest, most rotten fifth-grader ever.” pg. 7
  5. Duke makes Gabriel give him his snacks when they are in school together. pg. 8
  6. Gabriel says that not fulfilling his promise to Frita just about kills him. pg. 10
  7. Gabriel’s solution for avoiding the bullies is staying back a year and not moving up to the sixth-grade. pg. 12
  8. When Terrance finds Gabriel and Frita under the stairs he chases them out of the house. pg. 14
  9. Frita punches Duke Evans in the nose. pg. 14
  10. The crowd falls silent when Mr. Evans yells at his son. pg. 15
  11. Gabriel’s father worked overtime at the peanut mill to afford Gabriel’s new pants. pg. 20
  12. Gabriel and Pop have to walk past the Evans’ trailer on their way to the catfish pond. pg. 22
  13. The mailman trips over a blender. pg. 28
  14. Only the eighteen wheelers that came to pick up peanuts used the old dirt road. pg. 29

Section 2: Chapters 7-12

  1. suspicious: showing distrust in someone
  2. gangly: a tall, thin, or awkward build
  3. galoshes: waterproof shoes
  4. dank: musty, moist, or cold
  5. segregation: the act of separating people based on their characteristics
  6. integrity: having strong moral principles
  7. portent: a warning sign that something bad is going to happen
Comprehension Questions
  1. Gabriel is supposed to write down everything he is afraid of, on the list. pg. 34
  2. Terrance covers Frita’s flashlight and scares her and Gabriel in the basement. pg. 37
  3. Gabriel jumps out of the way of the truck when he snaps. pg. 40
  4. Gabriel is only wearing his underwear and sneakers when he runs home to the trailer park. pg. 44
  5. Frita is carrying Gabriel’s overalls and the jar with the spider when she appears at the front door. pg. 45
  6. Pop is scowling at the TV because the election Jimmy Carter is losing the election. pg. 48
  7. President Nixon is going to use the information to hurt the Democrats. pg. 49
  8. Spiders need food and water to live. pg. 53
  9. Pop had one guidebook for birds, one for reptiles, and one for insects and spiders. pg. 54
  10. Gabriel likes how the pastor and the choir sing at Frita’s church. pg. 60
  11. Gabriel and Frita discuss their dreams when they are in the pecan tree. Pg 62
  12. Gabriel suggests that Frita put ketchup, relish, cheese, mustard, or chocolate sauce on the brussels sprouts. pg. 68
  13. Frita says that the brussels sprouts aren’t so bad after her first bite. pg. 69
  14. Gabriel was having a nightmare at three o’clock in the morning. pg. 58

Section 3: Chapters 13-17

  1. centipede: a species of bug
  2. glare: to give someone an angry look
  3. stash: to store something in a safe or hidden place
  4. jut: to extend out over the main part of something
  5. convince: to make someone believe something is true
  6. heckler: a person who annoys other in hopes of getting a reaction
  7. perseverance: continuing a task even when it seems hard or impossible
Comprehension Questions
  1. When Mrs. Wilson sees the children roller-skating in the middle of the highway, she stops her car and picks the children up by their ears, yelling at them. pg. 72
  2. Frita says that her basement is full of centipedes. pg. 74
  3. Never getting taller is twenty-ninth on Gabriel’s list. pg. 75
  4. When Frita drops the centipede into Gabriels hand, it crawls up his arm. pg. 77
  5. Gabriel and Frita are eating ice cream cones on the lawn at the town hall. pg. 79
  6. Frita says that it is time to do some liberating when she sees Duke and Pop pull up in their old truck. pg. 80
  7. Frita yells and drops Gabriel when they are caught by Mrs. Evans. pg. 84
  8. Gabriel and Frita are worried that the sixth-graders will be at the pond. pg. 89
  9. It is an unwritten rule that only sixth-graders can use the rope swing at catfish pond. pg. 89
  10. Frita and Gabe are trying to gather the courage to jump when they are on the 90
  11. Frankie and Duke throw Gabe and Frita’s clothes into the trees while they are jumping. pg. 93
  12. Frita begins reading Gabe’s list aloud and is surprised to find Terrance at number 6. pg. 95
  13. Mrs. Wilson is making corned beef, collard greens, okra, corn bread, brown rice, and bread pudding with sweet brandy sauce for dinner. pg. 97
  14. Gabe thinks of Terrance as big and strong, and thinks of himself as small and meek. pg. 98
  15. Frita explains that Terrance is just grumpy because he doesn’t want to go to college. pg. 105
  16. Terrance is reading a book named, What Should I do with My Life? pg. 106