The Matchlock Gun

matchlock gun bundle

Section 1: Forward-Chapter 1

  1. contempt: strong dislike
  2. devastate: to cause severe damage
  3. fluster: to make somebody nervous
  4. lame: having an injured foot
  5. persecute: to harass somebody
  6. secure: well protected
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The farmers were afraid the locusts would devastate their crops
  2. Clint’s favorite horse because lame after he damaged his hoof in a fall.
  3. The ancient Romans would persecute groups of people that they were afraid of, like the early Christians.
  4. While the Little Red Hen had contempt for all the animals that would not help, she still wanted to share some of what she had made.
  5. Jake would often fluster Maria by giggling when it was her turn to sing.
  6. The soldiers knew their fort was secure because of its high walls and many cannons.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Trudy was famous for being the best spinster. (pg. x)
  2. Trudy needed to start spinning because her mother’s shoulder was crippled. (pg. x)
  3. The phrase means, “Isn’t that just about incredible?” (pg. xi)
  4. Edward wants his father to take the Spanish Gun to the muster. (pg. 1)
  5. Edward’s mother and father were nineteen and sixteen when they got married. (pg. 2)
  6. Teunis shows Edward how the matchlock gun works. (pg. 4)
  7. Teunis and Van Aerman are going to Palatine Bridge. (pg. 6)

Section 2: Chapters 2-4

  1. flannel: a soft cotton fabric
  2. gable: the top section of a wall
  3. methodical: systematic
  4. militia: an army of ordinary citizens
  5. solitary: alone
  6. scant: a small amount
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The explorers had a scant water supply for the long journey across.
  2. His flannel pajamas kept him warm through the long winter nights.
  3. All the captain could see through his spyglass was one solitary ship on the horizon.
  4. The artist organized his paints in a very methodical way, from red to violet and from light to dark.
  5. The gable was painted a different color than the rest of the house.
  6. Many men joined the militia when the foreign army invaded their town.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Edward and Trudy sleep in the loft room. (pg. 12)
  2. Edward misses the sound of his father’s laughter. (pg. 16)
  3. Gertrude doesn’t want Edward to take butter to Grandmother Van Alstyne’s house because she is afraid an Indian might come on their property. (pg. 20-21)
  4. John Mynderse brings a message from Teunis saying that they should go to the big house because he won’t be back tonight. (pg. 24)
  5. Edward does not feel afraid in the house when he sees the Spanish Gun. (pg. 27)
  6. Gertrude and the children see smoke off in the distance. (pg. 28)
  7. Edward knows his mother is afraid when she decides to bring the cows in. (pg. 30-31)

Section 3: Chapters 5-7

  1. dusk: the time between day and night
  2. hysterical: impossible to control
  3. pale: light in color
  4. serene: calm
  5. stout: strong and substantial
  6. suspicious: believing that something is wrong
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The castle walls were so stout that the catapults could not break them down.
  2. My grandmother does not like the busy city; she likes the countryside where it is serene.
  3. At dusk, thousands of bats awake and fly out of their cave.
  4. The detective became suspicious when the man could not explain why he had the bag of money.
  5. Jared’s face became pale when he was told he had to eat all his vegetables.
  6. The child’s crying became hysterical when he discovered all his candy had been stolen.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Gertrude decides it’s best to stay at their own house because it’s off the main road and harder for raiders to find than their grandmother’s house. (pg. 32)
  2. Gertrude puts gun powder into the gun, and some horseshoe nails, pebbles, and buttons. (pg. 35)
  3. Edward’s mother props up the gun with all of her flatirons. (pg. 37)
  4. Edward is supposed to move the candle if hears his mother call “ATEOORD.” (pg. 40)
  5. Gertrude is picking bean pods outside while she watches for Indians. (pg. 43)
  6. Gertrude sings so that Edward does not feel deserted. (pg. 46)
  7. The grandmother’s house is lit on fire by the Indians. (pg. 47)

Section 4: Chapters 8-10

  1. barricade: a protective barrier
  2. furrow: a groove made in the ground
  3. loping: a gentle running
  4. treacherous: dangerous
  5. pretense: make believe
  6. ponderous: very heavy
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The ice and snow made the twisty mountain road treacherous.
  2. The wooden barricade was barely strong enough to keep the wild bull in his pen.
  3. The Olympic runner set a loping pace that helped him win the marathon.
  4. The farmer made a deep furrow with his plow.
  5. It was a false pretense when he said he only took the cookies out of the jar so he could count them.
  6. The ponderous treasure chest was a challenge for the person to load into the ship.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Gertrude waits to act when she first sees the Indians so that she does not run too far ahead of them. (pg. 49)
  2. Gertrude fears that the Indians would burn down the house with Trudy and Edward if she doesn’t get there first. (pg. 50)
  3. Gertrude shouts the names of the people who were not there because she is worried about giving Edward so much responsibility. (pg. 50)
  4. An Indian throws a tomahawk and strikes Gertrude’s shoulder. (pg. 52)
  5. When Edward fires the gun, it hit him in the chest and knocked him off the stool. (pg. 55)
  6. Trudy saves her handkerchief doll from being burned in the house. (pg. 59)
  7. The militiamen find Edward sitting with the gun across his legs pointed at the three dead Indians. (pg. 61)