The Storm

The Storm, by Cynthia Rylant

Section 1: Chapters 1-2

  1. schooner: a sailing ship
  2. emerge: come into view
  3. weary: very tired
  4. fling: to throw forcefully
  5. magnificent: extremely beautiful
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The schooner met many waves on the open ocean.
  2. After the rain, the sun will emerge from behind the clouds.
  3. The weary traveler rested after a long day of hiking.
  4. The baby likes to fling Cheerios across the breakfast table.
  5. Suzie saw a magnificent sunrise with all different shades of pink and yellow.
Comprehension Questions
  1. A deep fog will bring an end to a ship. (pg. 9)
  2. One morning Pandora wakes up and knows becoming a lighthouse keeper is her destiny. (pg. 13)
  3. Lighthouses are often built in unwelcoming places, atop sharp and dangerous rocks. (pg. 13)
  4. Pandora is not afraid of her life because her heart is so good and clear that no fear would creep inside it. (pg. 14)
  5. When Seabold is old enough to leave home and family, he builds himself a boat. (pg. 18)
  6. Seabold always knows when a storm is coming because his nose tells him. (pg. 19)
  7. Seabold whispers, “Safe harbor. Let there be a safe harbor” into the wind. (pg. 21)

Section 2: Chapters 3-4

  1. pleasure: a feeling of happiness or enjoyment
  2. prevent: to keep something from happening
  3. solitary: alone
  4. hobble: to walk with a limp
  5. steep: rising or falling sharply
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Darion found great pleasure swimming in the pool with all his friends.
  2. To prevent people from coming into the house, Milly locked the door.
  3. Hermits who travel and live by themselves, have solitary lives.
  4. After Buddy twisted his ankle, he had to hobble around the house.
  5. The steep hill was difficult to hike up.
Comprehension Questions
  1. When Seabold wakes up, he wonders if the storm could have just been a dream. (pg. 24)
  2. Seabold has been with Pandora for three days when he wakes up. (pg. 26)
  3. Pandora wraps Seabold’s leg in plantain leaves to relieve the swelling. (pg. 26)
  4. Pandora lives the solitary life to save lives. (pg. 29)
  5. Pandora and Seabold agree that the bad animals are more interesting than the good ones. (pg. 33)
  6. For July and August there is little rain and hardly any fog. (pg. 33)
  7. Seabold’s leg does not allow him to climb the four steep flights of stairs and the ladder up into the lantern room. (pg. 35)

Section 3: Chapters 5-6

  1. frantic: wild with fear
  2. miserable: very unhappy
  3. gust: a strong rush of wind
  4. marvelous: extremely good, extraordinary
  5. sustenance: food and drink
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The dog was frantic and ran around in circles while his family set off fireworks.
  2. Micah was miserable when his parents put him on time out.
  3. A large gust blew the hat off my head.
  4. Spring brought flowers in marvelous colors.
  5. On Thanksgiving, Tom’s family enjoyed sustenance of turkey and apple cider.
Comprehension Questions
  1. A sky above a sea loves unpredictability. (pg. 40)
  2. Fog, lightning, lashing rain, and hard wind could all lead a ship onto the rocks and sink her. (pg. 42)
  3. Pandora does not have time to dress warmly or carry wood to the watch room stove. (pg. 42)
  4. Seabold plans to sail away by October’s end so he can leave before the winter storms begin. (pg. 48)
  5. As the wind blows crisper and harder and the sky fills with birds going away, Seabold realizes he will not be able to sail this winter. (pg. 49)
  6. Being in the lantern room thrills Seabold as much as even the finest sailing day. (pg. 50)
  7. Seabold says he will build a gazebo at the top of daisy-hill. (pg. 52)

Section 4: Chapters 7-9

  1. content: peacefully happy
  2. soberly: in a serious manner
  3. resolve: determination
  4. vigorously: with much energy or effort
  5. reminisce: enjoy remembering past events
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. I am content when my whole family is home and there is a fire going in the hearth.
  2. The teacher spoke soberly when teaching the history lesson.
  3. Tania worked with great resolve when completing her school project.
  4. The antelope ran vigorously from the cheetah that was chasing it.
  5. My grandparents like to reminisce by looking through old family photo albums.
Comprehension Questions
  1. In the worst of the cold days, the entire island is covered in ice. (pg. 56)
  2. While Seabold is hammering on the gazebo atop the daisy-hill he sees what looks to be a floating crate. (pg. 57)
  3. The flag on the floating crate is actually made of a small red shirt on a stick. (pg. 64)
  4. When Seabold carries all three mice to shore, Pandora is waiting with a blanket and a bowl of water. (pg. 67)
  5. The three young mice are named Whistler, Lila, and Tiny. (pg. 67)
  6. Pandora needs to find a special branch of willow in the woods to help Tiny. (pg. 68-69)
  7. Before Seabold finds them at sea, Whistler, Lia, and Tiny live an orphanage far from Pandora’s lighthouse. (pg. 74)