Tippy Lemmey

Section 1: New Dog In Town-You’re Going To Get It, Tippy Lemmey

  1. monster: a horrible creature
  2. branch: split off or divide into smaller parts
  3. matters: situations under discussion
  4. fireball: a fast-moving ball of flame or an energetic person
  5. scuff: to mark or scratch something
  6. elderly: older, past middle age
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The elderly couple sat gazing at the fiery sunset
  2. Rivers might branch off into smaller streams.
  3. What the team needs is a fireball to energize the players.
  4. Teachers were discussing the matters of school discipline and leadership.
  5. Mom doesn’t want me to scuff up my patent leather shoes.
  6. Jim was sure he saw a monster in the forest.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Tippy Lemmey belongs to the Lemmeys. (p. 2)
  2. The backwater branch fills up with fast-moving water when it rains. (p. 4)
  3. Paul says that Tippy Lemmey is no ordinary dog. (p. 8)
  4. Jeannie, Paul, and Leandra go to Ashland Bridge when they ditch Sunday school. (p. 10-11)
  5. Tippy Lemmey was eating the handkerchief Granny Bea had sent to Leandra for Christmas. (p. 12-13)
  6. Leandra feels good telling her parents about Tippy Lemmey. (p. 14)

Section 2: The Lion’s Den-Now What?

  1. insist: to demand
  2. twist: distort the facts
  3. miserable: very unhappy
  4. vicious: very cruel
  5. salute: give a sign of respect
  6. disgust: strong dislike
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Growling dogs look vicious.
  2. Maria saw a slug and got a look of disgust on her face.
  3. Grant raised his hand to salute the officer.
  4. Sal did insist on paying the dinner bill.
  5. Please don’t twist the facts!
  6. If you eat all that cake you will feel miserable.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Leandra looks away when Mr. Lemmey smiles at her. (p. 18)
  2. Leandra’s daddy thinks Tippy Lemmey is a boy. (p. 20)
  3. Mr. Lemmey can’t stop laughing when he realizes they are talking about his dog. (p. 21)
  4. Mrs. Lemmey describes Tippy as a sweet puppy. (p. 23)
  5. The Lemmeys offer to keep Tippy tied up when the kids pass walk to and from school. (p. 26)
  6. Tippy Lemmey usually waits on the front porch. (p. 28)

Section 3: An Escape Route-Search and Rescue

  1. polite: having good manners
  2. tattoo: to mark the skin
  3. creep: a strange person you strongly dislike
  4. riddance: relief that someone is gone
  5. shack: a small crummy building
  6. padlock: a strong lock
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Caleb didn’t approve of his sister getting a tattoo on her arm.
  2. The old shack finally fell down in the strong wind storm.
  3. Jessie keeps a big padlock on his barn door.
  4. There was a creep loitering around the school yard.
  5. Diego thought, “Good riddance” when his scary neighbor moved away.
  6. Jasmine knew it was polite to smile and shake hands.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Mr. Lemmey tells the children that if Tippy chases them they should not run, and then tell him “No! Go home.” (p. 32-33)
  2. Leandra justified going in the branch because the sky was clear and she wasn’t going to play in the branch. (p. 35)
  3. An eagle is tattooed on the thief’s arm. (p. 37)
  4. Paul thinks the thieves have done them a favor by getting rid of Tippy Lemmey. (p. 42)
  5. The thieves were going to leave at sunset. (p. 44)
  6. When Leandra gets into the mill, she begins untying the dogs. (p. 45)

Section 4: Help-Peace

  1. scoff: expression of mockery
  2. drown: to die under water
  3. police: people who enforce the laws
  4. license: identification plate on a car
  5. wounded: a feeling of sadness, anger
  6. dash: run quickly
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Julia told her friend to dash across the road.
  2. The toddler had a wounded look on his face after being scolded.
  3. A police cruiser comes around every night on patrol.
  4. Don’t scoff at me when I tell you my problems!
  5. The lifeguard made sure no one would drown in the lake.
  6. We got a ticket for not having our license plate displayed.
Comprehension Questions
  1. The other problem the children have is that the branch is filling up with water. (p. 49)
  2. The branch cracks when Paul tries to pull up on it. (p. 50)
  3. Mrs. Lemmey hoses the children with water when they get to her house. (p. 53)
  4. Mrs. Martin gives Leandra a weeklong punishment for being in the branch. (p. 54)
  5. Tippy lowers his head and turns around when Leandra tells him to “Go back!” (p. 56)
  6. Tippy Lemmey now runs with the kids instead of chasing after them. (p. 57)