tornado bundle

Section 1: Chapters 1-2

  1. beckon: to call
  2. collar: the band around an animal’s neck
  3. grateful: thankful
  4. hesitate: to pause before doing
  5. tornado: a fast, spinning wind
  6. tremble: to shake
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Because the collar was too big, our new puppy was able to slip it right off over his head.
  2. The whole class was grateful that they were given an extra day to study for the big test.
  3. Our pet rat would tremble with fear whenever the cat would enter the room.
  4. The smell of fresh baked cookies would always beckon me home after a long day of playing outside.
  5. The tornado seemed like it would blow the roof right off of our house.
  6. If you hesitate while getting on the roller coaster, someone else will go in front of you.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Pete opens the doors to the storm cellar because a twister is coming. (pg. 1)
  2. Mother is worried about daddy being in the cornfield. (pg. 2)
  3. Mother keeps vegetables, eggs, and tomatoes in the storm cellar. (pg. 3)
  4. Pete shivers because his mother’s nose always knows when a storm is coming. (pg. 6)
  5. Folks call it Tornado Alley where Pete and his family live. (pg. 6)
  6. There is a doghouse beside the well. (pg. 8)
  7. The doghouse is trembling because there was a black dog shaking inside. (pg. 9)

Section 2: Chapters 3-4

  1. shuffle: to mix up
  2. attention: concentration or focus
  3. admit: to confess
  4. worst: the most bad
  5. stole: to have taken something that’s not yours
  6. innocent: not wrong or guilty
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The students paid close attention to the new math lesson.
  2. Not being able to have dessert was the worst punishment Sasha ever received.
  3. Before playing Go Fish, I had to shuffle the cards really well.
  4. When my sister fell and scraped her knee, I had to explain to my parents that I was innocent and had not pushed her.
  5. Right after the bank robber stole a bag of money, he was caught by the police and put in jail.
  6. Even though he didn’t admit to taking a bite out of the doughnut, the crumbs gave him away.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Sammy and Pete are not supposed to play war because then they start to fight. (pg. 14)
  2. Pete thinks Tornado wants to play cards because his ears moved forward and he seemed interested. (pg. 15)
  3. The card doesn’t want to go back in the deck because it was wet and had teeth marks in it. (pg. 19)
  4. Emma Lou is carrying on because somebody stole Carey’s turtle. (pg. 22)
  5. Peter finds the turtle inside Tornado’s mouth. (pg. 23)
  6. Tornado drops the turtle into Emma Lou’s hand. (pg. 26)
  7. Pete thinks Tornado is a good dog because he kept Carrie’s turtle safe. (pg. 27)

Section 3: Chapters 5-6

  1. detail: a small part of something
  2. prompt: on time
  3. budge: to move slightly
  4. mood: inner feelings
  5. peer: to look out
  6. hail: small (insert comma here) frozen balls of rain
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. After John stubbed his big toe on a rock, he was in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
  2. During the big storm, hail fell so hard that the cars were dented by it.
  3. Everyone was prompt for the meeting, except for Larry who had a broken leg and could not walk very fast.
  4. No matter how hard he tried, the farmer couldn’t get the lazy donkey to budge one bit.
  5. Because he hadn’t paid attention to each and every detail, the chef’s cake did not rise.
  6. The little baby loved to peer through her fingers whenever she played peek a boo.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Pete suggests one more quick story about Tornado because the wind was still howling outside. (pg. 28)
  2. Five-Thirty got its name because it used to go to their house every day at five-thirty to get something to eat. (pg. 29)
  3. Tornado digs holes to lie inside of when it gets hot during the day. (pg. 30)
  4. When Five-Thirty leaves the hole, Tornado digs dirt to get the cat’s smell out of the hole. (pg. 32)
  5. Pete has to give Tornado back to his real owner. (pg. 40)
  6. Pete’s dad is silent because he can’t find any good in the situation. (pg. 41)
  7. When Pete tries to get one last look at Tornado, his eyes are too full of tears. (pg. 41)

Section 4: Chapter 7

  1. polite: having nice manners
  2. pause: to stop for a moment
  3. stern: firm and harsh
  4. thump: a dull beating sound
  5. mope: to be in a gloomy mood
  6. exactly: accurately
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Everyone was having so much fun playing tag that they didn’t want to pause for a snack.
  2. Instead of finding a fun rainy day activity, James decided to mope around the house.
  3. All the kids thought their new teacher was too stern, until she gave them each a cookie for being good listeners.
  4. Joel was a very polite boy who always said, “please” and “thank you.”
  5. Brad liked to thump his fingers on his new African drum.
  6. I had to be at my baseball practice exactly at three or I would have to run extra laps.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Pete’s mother reminds him that he knew he might not be able to keep Tornado, and that Tornado wasn’t his dog. (pg. 43)
  2. Pete heard Tornado’s tail thumping in the barn. (pg. 44)
  3. Pete has to wipe his eyes because Tornado was standing in the doorway. (pg. 45)
  4. Pete threw his arms around Tornado. (pg. 45)
  5. Pete’s father said they could not take Tornado back because the man didn’t give them his name. (pg. 45)
  6. Father comes to the cellar doors to tell them that the storm is over. (pg. 48)
  7. Pete promised to tell the story about Tornado and the rooster during the next storm. (pg. 49)