Toys Go Out

Section 1: Chapters 1

Comprehension Questions
  1. The backpack smells like a wet bathing suit. (Pg. 1)
  2. While Stingray is in the backpack she tries to calm herself by thinking about the bed with fluffy pillows that she usually sits on and the Little Girl who scratches her ears. (Pg. 3)
  3. The oldest of the Little Girl’s toys is the one-eared sheep. (Pg. 4)
  4. The three places that Stingray thinks they are going to are the vet the zoo, or the dump. (Pg. 3, 4, 7)
  5. The Little Girl’s best friends in the entire world are her toys, Stingray, Lumpy, Plastic. (Pg. 10, 11)
  6. The Little girl brings the toys to school for show and tell. (Pg. 10)
  7. On the ride back home the toys feel cozy, comfortable and loved. (Pg. 11, 12)

Section 2: Chapters 2

Comprehension Questions
  1. Stingray says books are a place to find truths. (Pg. 14)
  2. Lumpy likes to visit Tuk Tuk because she always has interesting things to talk about. (Pg. 16)
  3. Artificial means fake or not natural. (Pg. 20)
  4. Plastic becomes angry at Lumpy because he wants to go sleep when she wants to talk about her discovery about plastic. (Pg. 23)
  5. Plasitc visits Tuk Tuk because she knows all about dental floss and nail clippers and so may know about plastics. (Pg. 27)
  6. Tuk Tuk is a towel. (Pg. 28)
  7. Plastic is a rubber ball. (Pg. 30)

Section 3: Chapters 3 & 4

Comprehension Questions
  1. Lumpy hides from the Little Girl because he doesn’t want to be washed in the washing machine. (Pg. 39)
  2. The Little Girl begins to cry because she can’t find Lumpy and she needs him. (Pg. 45)
  3. Frank is lonely because he and the dryer are the only ones in the basement and the dryer never has anything interesting to say. (Pg. 50)
  4. Stingray is jealous of Plastic because she is going to the beach with the Little Girl. (Pg. 58, 59)
  5. Stingray gets into the bathtub to float. (Pg. 64)
  6. The Possible Shark is a dog. (Pg. 66, 67)
  7. Stingray is saved from the tub by Lumpy and Sheep. (Pg. 73)

Section 4: Chapters 5 & 6

Comprehension Questions
  1. Every night Stingray sleeps on the high bed with the Little Girl. (Pg. 79)
  2. As the Little Girl sleeps Stingray whispers, “Bring Lumpy to bed,” in her ear. (Pg. 87)
  3. Nothing much happens on the bed. The girl’s father reads some stories, sings a lullaby and then the Little Girl kisses Stingray and lumpy and she goes to sleep. (Pg. 88)
  4. The Little Girl ties a ribbon on Lumpy’s tail and attaches the ribbon to the bed so that Lumpy won’t fall out of the bed. (Pg. 92, 93)
  5. The Little Girl is turning seven years old. (Pg. 101)
  6. The Little Girl’s favorite color is blue. (Pg. 112)
  7. The Little Girl has had Stingray since she was four years old. (Pg. 116)