Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Section 1: Chapters 1-8

  1. The captain thinks the Admiral Benbow will be a good place to stay because it is a pleasant and has few people. Pg. 4
  2. The captain asks Jim to do the job of looking out for the one-legged, seafaring man and telling him as soon as he sees him. Pg. 6
  3. At the inn Dr. Livesey finally challenges the intimidating personality of the captain. Pg. 11
  4. The ominous token that the captain receives from the blind beggar is around piece of blackened paper one side, with the message, “You have ’till ten tonight.” It is the black spot. Pg. 37
  5. After the captain’s death Jim and his mother rifle through his sea chest and find a set of new clothes, a quadrant, sticks of tobacco, pistols, a bar of silver, an old Spanish watch, a pair of compasses, some worthless trinkets, six West Indian shells, an oil cloth with some papers and a canvas bag with some gold coins. Pg. 38
  6. Pew dies when he accidently steps into the path of one of the oncoming horses and is trampled to death. Pg. 48
  7. Jim wishes to give the captain’s papers to Dr. Livesey. Pg. 50
  8. When Mr. Trelawny and Dr. Livesey look through the captain’s paper that Jim has given them they find a notebook and a sealed paper (a treasure map. Pg. 56 & 59
  9. Dr. Livesey’s fear regarding squire Trelawny is that he may not be able to hold his tongue and will reveal they have a treasure map. This is a valid fear because they are not the only ones who know of the map, the captain’s friends knew of the map. Pg. 61
  10. To make up for Jim’s absence from the inn, the squire has repairs made at the inn and hires a young boy as an apprentice. Pg. 71
  11. Jim’s fear on hearing about Long John Silver is that he may be the one-legged man that the captain had asked him to watch for. However, his fear is alleviated when he see’s he is clean, pleasant and nothing like a buccaneer. Pg. 75
  12. At the Spyglass Inn, Jim encounters Black Dog, the man missing two fingers who had visited the captain at the Admiral Benbow. Pg. 76
  13. After the encounter with Black Dog, Jim’s first suspicions of Long John were reawakened, but then seeing his response to Black Dog had him convinced of Long John’s innocence. Pg. 79

Section 2 Chapters 9-17

  1. To ensure the safety of the trip Captain Smollet first recommends that the arms and powder be stored under the cabin. Secondly, he suggests that the four men, Mr. Livesey is bringing along should be berthed by the cabin. Finally, that all loose talk regarding the treasure should be stopped. Pg. 86
  2. The two luxuries that the men enjoy on board ship are the double grog that is given for any reason and the access to apples anytime they want from a barrel. Pg. 98
  3. Unlike most seaman who spend their money as soon as they land ashore, Long John saves his money in a bank. Pg. 103
  4. The important piece of information Jim overhears Israel telling Long John Silver is that he has got all the men he could to join the mutiny, but that a few men wouldn’t join. Pg. 109
  5. Long John Silver is disappointed when the captain shows him the chart of the island because it is not the treasure chart, but a map showing the island’s landmarks accurately. Pg. 113
  6. Upon reaching the island the men are rewarded with a drink of grog to drink to the health and luck of Mr. Trelawny, Dr. Livesey and Captain Smollet. The men respond with cheers. Pg. 115
  7. Six men are thought to be loyal to Captain Smollet and nineteen are thought to be mutineers. Pg. 119
  8. Once the Hispaniola is anchored at the island the men begin to grumble about the work and discipline becomes lax. Pg. 125
  9. While on the island Jim considers it his duty to listen in on the councils of the mutineers. Pg. 133
  10. The two people killed on the island are Alan and Tom because they would not join the mutineers. Pg. 136
  11. Jim dispels his thoughts of danger as he realizes that he has a pistol. Pg.141
  12. Ben Gunn claims to be a crew member from Flint’s ship when the treasure was buried on the island. Pg. 147
  13. The discovery that the doctor makes on the island is that there is a well-fortified stockade, which would hold two score people and could be easily defended. All that is needed is food, water and ammunition. Pg. 155
  14. The doctor and captain devise a plan to save themselves from the mutineers. It involves loading muskets, powder, bicuits, pork, medicine onto smaller boats and taking it to the stockade. Pg. 156

Section 3 Chapters 18–26

  1. Jim knows it is his friends who are in the stockade and not the mutineers because the British colors are flying from the stockade. Ben Gunn tells him if it were the mutineers they would fly the Jolly Roger. Pg. 176
  2. The two things that make being in the stockade uncomfortable is the sand that is whipped up by the breeze and gets into their eyes and the smoke of the fire that doesn’t fully go up the chimney and stays in the house making them cough. Pg. 181
  3. The doctor has kept a piece of parmesan cheese in his snuff box and he is willing to give it to Ben Gunn who desperately desires to eat some cheese. Pg. 183
  4. Long John Silver implies that the captain is to blame for the mutiny when he explains that the men have made him captain because Captain Smollet deserted the ship. Pg. 187
  5. The proposal that Long John Silver makes to Captain Smollett is that he hand over the treasure map at once the treasure has been found the captain and his men have the choice to board the ship and Long John will set them ashore at some safe port. Or Long John will divide the stores between the two groups and they can stay on the island and he will send the first ship that he sees to pick them up. Pg. 192
  6. At the end of the battle each side has losses. The pirates lost five men and the faithful lost three. Pg. 204
  7. The mission that the doctor takes on is to find Ben Gunn. Pg. 209
  8. After the battle Jim comes up with a scheme to supply himself with biscuit and guns and then search the sandy spit for Ben Gunn’s boat. Pg. 210
  9. After completing his first scheme of finding Ben Gunn’s boat, Jim decides to take the boat under the cover of night and cut the Hispaniola adrift. Pg. 214
  10. After being adrift for some time Jim see’s the Hispaniola drifting with flapping canvas and realizes that nobody was steering the ship. Pg. 231
  11. To show that the Hispaniola is no longer in the hands of the pirates, Jim takes down the colors of the pirates, the Jolly Roger. Pg. 239
  12. Jim becomes suspicious of Hands when he asks him to get some wine to drink because the brandy was too strong for his head. Jim feels Hands wants him to leave the deck so he sneaks to the fore companion and watches as Hands shuffles to arm himself with a dirk and rope. Pg. 243
  13. As Hands pilots the boat into the estuary, Jim is so taken with the maneuvers that he forgets to keep a close watch on Hands who is about to attack him. Pg. 249
  14. The stand-off between Jim and Hands comes to an end when Hands pins Jim’s shoulder to the mast with the dirk. However, the shock caused both of Jim’s guns to fire and Hands is hit and falls into the water. Pg. 254

Section 4 Chapter 27–34

  1. Having survived the battle with Israel Hands, Jim is fearful that he might fall from the cross trees into the water beside Hands. Pg. 256
  2. Jim hopes that in returning to the stockade he will not be blamed for his truancy and that he might indeed be able to boast of his capture of the Hispaniola. Pg. 259
  3. Silver stands up for Jim against his men because he likes him and believes him to be more of a man than any of them. Also he recognizes that Jim will stand by him and be a witness for him and possibly save him from hanging. Pg. 275
  4. Jim and Long John Silver make a pact that Silver will save Jim from the men and in return Jim will save him from swinging from the hangman’s noose. Pg. 277
  5. Long John Silver is in possession of the treasure chart that Jim found in the Captain’s trunk. Possibly it was given to him to set a trap. Pg. 286
  6. The doctor tries to warn Silver not to be in such a hurry to get the treasure and to watch out for squalls. Pg. 299
  7. Jim is concerned that the pact he has made with Silver will not be honored as he has been a double traitor and would not hesitate to betray again if needed. Pg. 303
  8. As the pirates draw closer to the gold, Silver completely forgets about his promise to Jim and the doctor’s warning to watch for squalls, as greed for the gold takes him over. Pg. 319
  9. When the mutineers reach the treasure site they discover that the site has been excavated and the cache of seven hundred thousand pounds is gone. Pg. 321
  10. Jim and Long John are helped against the mutineers by shots fired by the doctor, Gray and Ben Gunn. Pg. 324
  11. The last three mutineers are left on the island with a stock of powder, shot, the bulk of the salt goat, a few medicines, tools and rope. Pg. 335
  12. The crew of the Hispaniola make sail for the nearest port in South America, because they are in great need of hands to sail the ship. Pg. 337
  13. When the ship lands in Bristol each crew member is given a share of the treasure. Captain Smollett retires from the sea; Gray studies sailing and becomes a mate and part owner of a ship; Ben Gunn looses his fortune in 3 weeks and resorts to begging. Long John Silver is never heard of again after abandoning ship in South America. Pg. 339
  14. Whenever Jim hears surf in his dreams he bolts awake and hears “Pieces of eight! pieces of eight!” ringing in his ears. Pg. 340