Welcome to Silver Street Farm

Section 1: Chapters 1-3

Comprehension Questions
  1. Meera believes that Welcome to Silver Street Farm really began on the first day of kindergarten in Mrs. Monty’s class. (Pg. 1)
  2. The only children who were not screaming, crying, or having a nosebleed on the first day of kindergarten were a tall girl with red braids, a quiet skinny boy with dark hair and Meera. (Pg. 1)
  3. Meera found the missing piglets at the bottom of the LEGO box. (Pg. 4)
  4. Meera, Karl and Gemma use jelly beans to decide whether or not to visit the railway station. If it is green they will go. (Pg. 10)
  5. It was likely that the jelly bean Meera pulled out would be green because none of them liked the lime green and that was all that would be left. (Pg. 11)
  6. Auntie Nat’s proper name is Natalia Konstantinova Lebrdeva. (Pg. 12)
  7. Karl says that when he is rich and famous he will buy Auntie Nat two perfect little poodle dogs. (Pg. 13)

Section 2: Chapters 4-6

Comprehension Questions
  1. Meera suggests that they get into the station by climbing over the gate. (Pg. 18)
  2. To stop the guard dog from growling, Karl gives it jelly beans. (Pg. 21)
  3. When Karl’s aunt is angry she speaks in Russian. (Pg. 23)
  4. Auntie Nat names the two lambs Bitzi and Bobo. (Pg. 24)
  5. At Mr. Khan’s corner shop, Karl buys baby bottles and sheep’s milk. (Pg. 25, 27)
  6. Dr. Sweeny gives Gemma five pale blue eggs that he thinks are rotten and need to be thrown away. (Pg. 31)
  7. In the middle of the night Gemma hears peeping. The eggs have hatched. (Pg. 32)

Section 3: Chapters 7-9

Comprehension Questions
  1. Gemma has to take the ducklings into the shower with her because the ducklings won’t let her be out of their sight. (Pg. 38)
  2. The first news station that Meera, Gemma and Karl talk to is Cosmic TV Station. (Pg. 40)
  3. Lonchester City’s FM’s most famous DJ is Rockin’ Roland Rogers. (Pg. 44)
  4. Some chickens and two goats are delivered to the Cosmic TV station. (Pg. 46)
  5. Sergeant Short helps the children move the animals to Silver Street Station because he thinks the farm is a great idea, but also because the bales of hay and animals are obstructing the public highway. (Pg. 49)
  6. The city council wants to demolish Silver Street Station and build a multistory parking garage. (Pg. 51)
  7. The reporter from City Wire TV asks Meera what will happen to her fine plans once the Silver Street Station is demolished the next day. She also ask if they aren’t foolish children with foolish dreams. (Pg. 56)

Section 1: Chapters 10-12

Comprehension Questions
  1. On the morning of the demolition, Meera wakes up to see hundreds of people with homemade banners in support of the farm. (Pg. 60)
  2. When Gemma’s dad shows up at the park he begins to play his accordion and sing, Silver Street’s a City Farm to the tune of Old MacDonald had a farm. (Pg. 62)
  3. Sergean Short gives a police escort to lead the protestors to Silver Street Station. (Pg. 63)
  4. Sashi tells Councilor Newberry that she has his comments on tape and asks was he officially describing the people as ridiculous, stupid and mindless. (Pg. 67)
  5. Mavis the hen, who sees herself as their foster mother is chasing the ducklings at Welcome to Silver Street Farm. (Pg. 70)
  6. Flora, a Scottish woman will manage Silver Street Farm. (Pg. 70)
  7. Flinty likes to herd chickens. (Pg. 72)