Earlybird Year-Pack “A” – Guides


Earlybird Literature+Writing Discovery Guides are the CORE of our 2nd grade language arts curriculum and are designed to gently support students as they increase competency in reading and writing over time. Your students will thrive as they dive in to  this carefully selected pack of four units offering fun-filled possibilities for a year of exploration and discovery.

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When it comes to learning language arts much of the exceptional work that your students will accomplish is subjective in nature tied to their ideas. As we value these ideas—their discoveries from reading tied to their observations—and challenge them to catalog and craft these ideas over time, literacy skills soar. This collection of 20 picture books represents a wide range of story genres and includes four student journals.

Ealyrbird Year-Pack A includes the following thematic and author units:

  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Leo Lionni
  • Robert McCloskey

Within a single unit, each week, for five weeks, students will explore the traits of characters, and a sampling of vocabulary. They will run through the details of the plot either completing sentences with a word bank or crafting an ending phrase. They will journal an idea connected to the story. During the sixth week, students will engage in a robust discussion and create a culminating project inspired by the stories in the unit.

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