Pablo and Birdy – Study Guide


Our Integrated Literature and Writing Discovery guides are designed to develop habits of thought and habits of work when used consistently over time. Manageable daily activities help students engage in thoughtful reading and meaningful writing. Stories come alive as students are invited to journey alongside the characters they are studying.

Level 2 books are suitable for students who can write at a 3rd to 5th grade level. Choose 6 titles for a complete school year.


This is the story of  Pablo, who lives with Emmanuel, his adoptive father, and Birdy, his beloved parrot, in Isla, a Key West-like town of fisherpeople and shopkeepers.

Pablo doesn’t know who or where he came from, and the unanswered questions of his past hurt him to think about.

But local legend tells of a mysterious Seafaring parrot –whose existence has never been verified– a parrot who holds within itself all the sounds ever made in the world, and who can reproduce those sounds under special circumstances.

Is the legend true? If it is, would a Seafarer be able to tell Pablo where he came from? If he had a family before he arrived in Isla?

And if he did, did that family . . . love him?

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Integrated Literature & Writing Discovery Guides

Level 2 Literature and Writing Discovery Guides are recommended for elementary (grades 3-5) students who are in the process of acquiring the proficiency necessary to confidently read and to respond to a complex piece of literature. Each guide is designed to be completed in five weeks, which allows students to comfortably work through six units in a typical school year.

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Each week for four weeks, students will:

  • Learn to take notes on characters, settings, and plot
  • Study vocabulary
  • Answer comprehension questions
  • Write a short personal response
  • Have opportunity to discuss topics related to the story

On the fifth week students are given a selection of hands-on projects to complete.

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