Fun Tales – Storymaker “C” – Bundle


What’s happening in the world of fun?

You decide! With Storymaker 2nd-4th grade creative writing.

With Storymaker, you’ll learn to write (in the words of Hemingway) “One true sentence…,” and the rest will follow.

Includes Fun Tales themed workbook, flash cards, miniature objects.


Journal writing is an indispensable part of Language Arts. Beyond its academic significance, it provides a creative opportunity to develop important skills and the writer’s unique voice.
Storymaker is an ongoing opportunity for students to write for real, giving space for academic writing and creative growth. Each week, for 20 weeks, students use our Story Starters, Setting & Character flash cards, and object prompts, to create an exciting story hook and then develop that hook into an engaging micro-story. As they practice the art of constructing the sentence foundation and building a story upon it, students will develop writing skills, confidence, and creativity which will carryover into all other school work. With Storymaker, students will learn to write (in the words of Hemingway) “One true sentence…,” and the rest will follow.

Storymaker “C” – Fun Tales Bundle includes the following items:

  • Student workbook
    – With Teacher Guidelines, List of Fun Tales themed Story Hook Starters, Weekly activity sheets
  • Setting & Character cards
    – 72 Setting cards, 72 Characters in Situation cards with Fun Tales themes
  • Miniature objects
    – A delightful assortment of Fun Tales themed miniature objects used for creative inspiration

A word about grade levels and learning styles

Our materials can be individually tailored to a range of grade levels and learning environments. The following is recommended as a general guideline:

  • Grade 2: Storymaker “A” – Farm Tales  Take me there »
  • Grade 3: Storymaker “B” – Fairy Tales  Take me there »
  • Grade 4: Storymaker “C” – Fun Tales

All of Blackbird and Company curricular materials are designed with the student and teacher in mind. Whether you are in a traditional classroom or a homeschool, if you are in independent study or if you need accommodations for unique learning styles or special needs, our materials are adaptable to individual needs, to your teaching style, and to your student’s learning style.

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