Donavan’s Word Jar

donavans word jar bundle

Section 1:Chapters 1-3

  1. solution: an answer to a problem
  2. collection: a gathering of objects
  3. nutrition: nourishment received from food
  4. dictionary: a book that gives words their meanings
  5. squabble: a noisy argument
  6. dilemma: a difficult choice
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. The student used the class dictionary to complete his vocabulary homework.
  2. It is important to practice good nutrition to have a healthy body.
  3. Jody faced a dilemma when she had to choose between two types of ice cream.
  4. My father has a large collection of antique model trains.
  5. The teacher had to break up the squabble between two students on the playground.
  6. Finding the right solution to a difficult math problem can take time.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Donavan collects words in a jar. (pg. 6)
  2. Donavan is inspired to begin his collection when he sees a new word on a cereal box. (pg. 7)
  3. Donavan discovers the word “ballyhoo” on his way to school. (pg. 9)
  4. Donavan likes the word “hush” because it soothes his fears. (pg. 13)
  5. Donavan’s favorite way of collecting words is from people. (pg. 14)
  6. Donavan’s dilemma is that his collection is too large for his jar. (pg. 15)
  7. Mrs. Panky suggests that Donavan start his own dictionary. (pg. 19)

Section 2: Chapters 4-5

  1. rhythm: a repeated pattern of sound
  2. splatter: to splash something
  3. squint: to half close the eyes to see better
  4. snuffles: a stuffy nose from a cold
  5. hesitant: reluctant to do or say something
  6. canvas: a stiff, strong cloth
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Sara loves to splatter bright color onto her canvas when she paints.
  2. The small boy was hesitant to pet the large dog.
  3. The sun was so bright that Joe had to squint as he watched the baseball game.
  4. The sailor’s duffle bag was made out of white canvas.
  5. The drummer made sure that the band’s rhythm was steady.
  6. Even though Amy had the snuffles, she still sang in the performance.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Donavan sees lots of umbrellas when he looks out of his window. (pg. 26)
  2. Donavan wants to visit his grandma. (pg. 27)
  3. Donavan does not want to stay at home because he really wants to see his grandmother. (pg. 28)
  4. Mom needs to take a copy of Dad’s business card to the printer. (pg. 29)
  5. Nikki is sitting in the middle of her bed with a box of tissues in her lap, with her stuffed animals, games, books, and toys all around her. (pg. 31)
  6. Nikki wants to look at Donavan’s word collection because they might make her feel better. (pg. 33)
  7. Nikki wants silly words, happy words, get-well words, and magic words. (pg. 34)

Section 3: Chapters 6-7

  1. wonder: feeling of surprise
  2. pleasant: pleasing and enjoyable
  3. lullaby: a gentle song for children
  4. drizzle: light rain
  5. display: to be shown
  6. glitter: to shine with a shimmering light
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. Sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll to shore was a pleasant activity.
  2. The boy was filled with wonder as the fireworks exploded in the night sky.
  3. When it began to drizzle, Kara pulled out her pink umbrella.
  4. Mark noticed the snowman glitter in the sunshine.
  5. Mother sang her favorite lullaby every night as she put her little baby to sleep.
  6. During Christmas, there is a large display at the center of town.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Donavan tiptoes across the room because he didn’t want Nikki to wake up. (pg. 38)
  2. Donavan asks his dad if he can visit his grandma. (pg. 39)
  3. Donavan tucks the word jar under his arm because it is raining outside. (pg. 41)
  4. Grandma decided to sell her big house after Grandpa died. (pg. 43)
  5. Donavan can visit his grandmother anytime he wants because she lives only a few blocks away. (pg. 43)
  6. Grandma collects anything she is given from family and friends. (pg. 44)
  7. Donavan likes to visit Grandma’s picture wall whenever he misses his grandpop. (pg. 45)

Section 4: chapters 8-10

  1. leisure: free time
  2. perseverance: not giving up
  3. bamboozle: to trick somebody
  4. hassock: a footstool
  5. diplomacy: skill in dealing with other people
  6. lounge: a room for waiting
Vocabulary Sentences
  1. This summer, the students will enjoy their leisure time.
  2. Dad uses the hassock to rest his weary feet after a day of work.
  3. On April Fool’s Day, people traditionally bamboozle family and friends for fun.
  4. I was asked to wait in the hotel’s lounge before they took me to my room.
  5. Kayla’s great diplomacy helped her to get her bicycle back from the bully.
  6. The runner needed great perseverance to finish the marathon.
Comprehension Questions
  1. Grandma suggests that Donavan trade his words for other things. (pg. 51)
  2. Grandma says the word “persnickety” is perfect for Miz Marylou because she has to have everything just right. (pg. 52)
  3. Donavan is disappointed at the end of his visit because he still doesn’t have a solution. (pg. 54)
  4. Donavan stops the Miz Marylou and Mr. Bill gut from arguing when he hands them the word compromise. (pg. 58)
  5. Donavan returns to Grandma’s apartment to invite her over for dinner. (pg. 60)
  6. Donavan is excited because his words changed Grandma’s neighbors and made him feel like a magician. (pg. 69)
  7. Grandma has Grandpop’s humidor in the brown bag. (pgs. 69-70)