Homer Price

Page numbers are approximate and may vary between book editions.

Section 1

  1. What does Homer’s mother do?
    pg. 10
  2. What does Homer’s father do?
    pg. 10
  3. What is Homer’s hobby?
    pg. 10
  4. How does Homer get his pet skunk, Aroma?
    pg. 11
  5. How does Homer find the robbers?
    pg. 17
  6. Why doesn’t Homer tell about the robbers?
    pg. 24
  7. Why do the robbers all sleep in the same bed?
    pg. 24
  8. How does Homer prevent the robbers from running away?
    pg. 36
  9. What always happens in a Super-Duper story?
    pg. 35
  10. Why does the Super-Duper always save the pretty girl and catch the villain on the last page of the comic?
    pg. 38
  11. How do Louis, Freddy, and Homer get to town to see the movie?
    pg. 43
  12. What does the Super-Duper say that shocks the boys?
    pg. 45
  13. Why does the Super-Duper crash his car?
    pg. 46

Section 2

  1. Why is the Ladies’ Club having a meeting?
    pg. 50
  2. What does Uncle Ulysses have a weakness for?
    pg. 50-51
  3. Before leaving to talk to the sheriff, what does Uncle Ulysses ask Homer to do?
    pg. 51
  4. What does Uncle Ulysses need to talk to the sheriff about?
    pg. 51
  5. What is Mr. Gabby’s job?
    pg. 53
  6. What does Homer say as he is pouring the doughnut batter into the machine?
    pg. 56
  7. What happens when Homer tries to turn off the machine?
    pg. 57-58
  8. What is Mr. Gabby’s idea to help get rid of the doughnuts?
    pg. 62
  9. Why does the lady with the chauffeur come back to the shop?
    pg. 64
  10. What is Homer’s idea for how to get rid of all the doughnuts?
    pg. 66-67
  11. What does Uncle Ulysses mainly worry about the whole time?
    pg. 66

Section 3

  1. What does Homer ask the sheriff for?
    pg. 72
  2. What does the smell of burning leaves always remind Homer of?
    pg. 72
  3. What is the main difference between Uncle Telemachus’ ball of string and the sheriffs?
    pg. 76
  4. What does the sheriff challenge Uncle Telly to?
    pg. 77
  5. What was not mentioned in the rules for the contest that were printed in the paper?
    pg. 79
  6. How does Miss Terwilliger win the contest?
    pg. 88
  7. What makes everyone in the barber shop stop what they are doing and stare?
    pg. 98
  8. What does the sheriff ask Homer to do?
    pg. 102
  9. How can the sheriff tell what kind of a person someone is?
    pg. 103
  10. What had Mr. Murphy spent all his time doing?
    pg. 107
  11. Why had Mr. Murphy’s jelly beans been disappearing?
    pg. 111-112
  12. After catching all of the mice, what does Mr. Murphy have to do with the money he earns?
    pg. 121

Section 4

  1. Why can’t Homer go fishing with Freddy?
    pg. 126
  2. What two things does Uncle Ulysses appreciate about Naomi Enders?
    pg. 127
  3. How does Miss Enders want to show her appreciation for the people of Centerberg?
    pg. 128
  4. What do autos, ships, airplanes, refrigerators, and doughnuts have in common?
    pg. 129
  5. How does Miss Enders respond differently from others in the past to Uncle Ulysses’ ideas?
    pg. 130
  6. What were the only three things on the Enders’ land before the new houses were built?
    pg. 134
  7. What two simple things needed to be done in order to move into one of the new houses?
    pg. 136
  8. Why can’t the new street signs be attached to the corner street lamps?
    pg. 137
  9. How do people find their houses without any street signs?
    pg. 140
  10. What is the only thing Miss Enders is unhappy about when the houses are completed?
    pg. 141
  11. How were Ezekiel Enders and his brave little band saved from starvation one hundred and fifty years ago?
    pg. 143