Hatchling: Reading, Writing, Phonics – Vol. 1 – Core



Over the course of 52 weeks (Vol. 1: 28 wks; Vol. 2: 24 wks.), your students will be introduced systematically to the tools that will guide them into the wide world of reading and writing joyfully.

Each week students will:

  • Learn & practice phonics
  • Acquire sight vocabulary
  • Learn & practice handwriting
  • Read exceptional literature
  • Create meaningful journal entries
  • Engage in line work activities

Volume 1 “Core Collection” includes the following items:

  • Volumes 1A thru 1H workbooks
  • Teacher Guide
  • Cut and paste object sheets
  • Miniature phonetic objects
  • Phonetic Flash Cards
  • $335.00

Volume 1 “Complete Collection” includes the Core items plus the following:

  • Textured Touch and Trace Cards: Lowercase ABCs
  • Textured Touch and Trace Cards: Uppercase ABCs
  • Bob Books Sight Words – Kindergarten
  • Bob Books Sight Words – 1st Grade
  • 13 integrated hard and softcover picture books**
  • $555.00

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Recommended add-ons:

  • Moveable Alphabet
  • Letter Formation Sand Tray
  • Tooballoo


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**INCLUDED BOOKS: The Story of Johnny Appleseed, The Apple Pie that Papa Baked, The Big Snow, A Tree is Nice, Nuts to You!, How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin, Leaf Man, Tell Me, Tree, Owl Moon, Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth, The Grouchy Ladybug, Rooster’s Off to See the World, The Year at Maple Tree Farm.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 10 in