The Essay Volume 6 – Bundle


Little Worlds: Writing from short stories


Volume 6 – Advanced Research: Person, Place, Thing

We are so excited to release this unit that will guide 11th and 12th grade students each step of the way in the process of researching and writing a long-research paper. This creative non-fiction project is an opportunity for high school students to participate in literary writing before heading to college, trade-school, or career. While students will use the scaffolding twice (in both 11th and 12th grade), each paper will be unique depending on the topics chosen. Each year, students will choose a theme they will explore through a person, a place, and a thing. For example, our student sample explores the theme of tragedy via Abraham Lincoln, Terezin, and escalators. Another student might want to explore joy via Henri Matisse, Disneyland, and the yo-yo. Still another might tie hope to Emily Dickinson, the library, and feathers. The possibilities are endless! And because the topic is the student’s choice, and the work is scaffolded incrementally, the 30-week project is not overwhelming. Quite the contrary, students will rise into this work!


  • Student lessons
  • Student workbook
  • Sample essay

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