Traits of Character – Operation Lexicon 3 – Guide


Start collecting words!


Finding just the right word can be a mighty struggle for students and seasoned writers alike. Operation Lexicon: Traits of Character is a golden opportunity for students to meet the struggle head-on, while exploring the wonder of words that describe human characteristics. The English language has a plethora of words for describing people—their diverse personality, their diverse character and their diverse temperament. Each week, as they collect descriptive words, teasing out their meaning and playing with application, students will discover the astonishing potential of a singular word. Let’s dive in to the wonderful world of words!

Over the course of 10 weeks, your students will be introduced to 100 exceptional words that are exemplified by ten exceptional people. This guide can be completed in 10 weeks, one sitting per week, but can also be slowed down and completed at leisure over the course of a semester. Simply divide the tasks for each lesson. Listening to the book twice, whether following along or not, will help the character traits settle into the accessible memory.

Each week, after listening to a story about a larger-than-life person from our video library, students will complete simple sentences using the character trait word list to describe the person being featured.

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Traits of Character – Operation Lexicon 3 – Bundle

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