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Chasing Lines Slowly


Learning to follow a line is a skill that will teach students to think well. This skill is mathematical, involving spatial recognition, fractional and proportional relationships, and directional measurement.

To complete this project you will need colored pencils or markers, a sheet of heavy drawing paper or a drawing journal, and a quiet space to enjoy the process.

  1. Look carefully at the drawing by Henri Matisse.
  2. Divide your drawing space in your mind into four quadrants.
  3. Choose a quadrant to draw one of the fruits that you will then anchor all the other fruits and leaves to. Be sure to consider how much space the fruit demands and where the fruit is settled in the quadrant.
  4. Swap colors and draw a shape that connects to the first shape.
  5. continue like this until the drawing is complete.

Remember, teasing students that good things take time is an important lesson. This lovely drawing was completed by a 3rd grader in three sittings.

Ready, set, go (SLOWLY)!



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