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Launch Commit


Hurrah…Our first post ever! This moment has been a long time coming and we’re so excited to begin this conversation with you.

We originally intended for this blog to be a place to meet, dialog and help customers get to know and utilize our Blackbird & Company product better but as we started planning it became overwhelmingly clear to us that there was so much more to share. Looking back over twenty years of educating and mothering, the
“hours & days” have certainly been sprinkled with the miraculous—delightful, inspiring, humbling, disappointing, hilarious,
and enlightening curiosities. It’s in these stories where the heart of all we do lies, and where the heart of our business lies. At the very core of these stories is our belief in the potential of each child, the value of family, and the power of the creative pursuit.

We’ve found our blogger footing and invite you to explore, linger, share and learn with us on this four&twenty journey.

Here we go!

(The awesome rocket sculpture was created as a final project for our Level 2 Literature Discovery Guide: The Wonderful Flight to Mushroom Planet.)