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Get to know the elements! Part of our Research Writing: Science series.

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What do stars and human beings have in common?
Everything you can imagine is made of elements — an octopus, a basketball, even you.
This Discovery Journal will guide you on a wonderful voyage through the mysteries of the periodic table. What at first looks like an unapproachable block of numbers and letters begging to be decoded, will be opened up to you in an easy and interesting way. Each element has its own quirks and purpose. As students engage in the ongoing work of decoding the table, they will marvel at the diversity of these building blocks of the universe. Embarking on an exploration of the periodic table is like traveling across an amazing landscape full of surprises.
Blackbird & Co. Discovery Guides are designed to foster inquiry and spark imagination while integrating an ongoing opportunity to hone critical language arts skills. Over the course of a year students will research and catalog their findings on 42 of the 144 known elements. This will give them a broad introduction into the fascinating realm of chemistry.


The Complete Periodic Table: More Elements with Style

by Adrian Dingle & Dan Green

The Kids Book of the Elements:
An Awesome Introduction to Every Known Atom in the Universe

by Theodore Gray

A Kids Guide to the Periodic Table:
Everything You Need to Know about the Elements

by Edward P. Zovinka PhD and Rose A. Clark PhD

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