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If You Give a Boy a Camera


My middle son is an amazing writer, a deft creator of unique
characters. He will sit for hours crafting a tale. He usually enlists his
younger brother, Søren, to illustrate because he is not particularly fond of

Every Thursday we break out the cameras. We use a couple Polaroid cameras and
sometimes we experiment with cell phones. We use disposable cameras and,
occasionally, one dinosaur that uses 35mm film. Mostly we snap digitally. Our
students are encouraged to explore and observe their world through the

Liam loves the art of photography.

One day I gave each student a green apple and told them to
use it in a still life arrangement of objects with interesting shapes and
textures. Liam was the youngest
student looking through the viewfinder that day. His photo was, by far the most
sophisticated—a minimal composition of the circle, square, and rectangle, a
simplistic balance of light and shadow.

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Happy clicking!

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  1. Why do image appear smaller in camera as compared to what is seen by naked eye?

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