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Stitching Leaves


Last fall, Sara collected leaves to trace for this stitchery project. You can too.

She found some beautiful hand-dyed felt on Etsy. You can too.

She traced her leaf shapes onto the felt and cut out the shapes. You can too.

Then she sent the felt leaves to me and I had my students stitch the veins. And look what our little ones made!

Your little ones can too!

Here are some tips for stitching with little ones:

1. Demonstrate – Make one yourself! Children learn so much more this way. Think SHOW vs. tell!

2. Thread needles in advance. Always have an extra ready.

3. Have each student work on two at once so that when knots happen (and they will), they can keep busy on the second leaf.

4. Go slow! Teach stitchers to “go down through the top”  s l o w l y,  then “up through the bottom”  s l o w l y.

5. Use the internet if you need help with stitching.



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