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Delicious Poetry


I didn’t really need anything from the market that day. What I really needed was a diversion from my work. Sad but true, Trader Joe’s did the trick.

All was going according to plan until I noticed a display near the frozen aisle. There, right before my eyes were stacks and stacks of enormous chocolate bars imported from all over the globe.

A normal middle-aged woman might have responded, “C-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e! Yes!” She might have cracked open a bar and taken a big bite. But not me, no, I’m a teacher. So I grabbed a handful of the luscious bars and got in line, while simultaneously crafting a lesson for the next day.

This would be a cross-curricular writing lesson. I would begin with a session of chocolate taste testing, gathering sense words and phrases with the group along the way. Then, after my students chose their favorite variety from the tasting, I would direct them to a mass of geography books, the ones I was on my way to pluck from the shelves of my local library on my way home from the trip to Trader Joe’s (the trip that was supposed to divert me from my work). My students would then research the country from which their favorite chocolate originated. After they gathered some notes, they would craft a poem of place and taste! By the time I pulled into my driveway a thought crossed my oddly refreshed brain, “Tomorrow will be grand!”

– Kim

The result of that lesson is delicious:

Swiss Chocolate (Taylor, age 14)

It melts in my mouth


like velvety Swiss hills

gleaming in the morning sun.


Sweet milk awakes my

            taste buds

like the cry of an alpha

horn in the alps.


But it doesn't last long,


like a fiery sunset

it melts away

revealing a moony relish.

Ecuador Chocolate (Andrew, age 12)


A small land,

With a big taste

For chocolate


Located in

South America

Its aroma is like

A life-filling river

Exploding with goodness


Land crammed

With jungles

And unrestrained disaster

Raining chocolate

Scented happiness


Milk creamy chocolate

Like sun melting

Tender and hot,

Like the steaming lands

Of Ecuador


Edged by

Colombia and Peru

Molded by hard,

Her chewy essence

Is never-ending

Flavor is tantalizing


Sometimes awkward,

A bitter-sweet flavor

Resembles people in despair



The official language

Like the official chocolate

Of Ecuador



A small land,

With a big taste

For chocolate


My Chocolate (Hunter age 14)

Mouth watering

Bitter sweetness

Overwhelms and infuses

My taste buds

With unimaginable possibilities

Wild animals venture 

Rugged Andes

Revealing bitterness

The lush green beauty

That stretches across the land

Tall and wide

Explains the sweetness

Together, bitter and sweet

Make an everlasting

Gobble of Peruvian perfection


Swiss Chocolate (Jonathan, age 10)

Icy fingers unwrap

chilly fangs, a chocolate monster

contained in a bar of wild

Swiss chocolate.


The addicting taste

claws my mouth

like a lion holds on to its prey

unwilling to let go, slender claws

dig deep into the flesh.


As wings of ice

swoop over the town

ice smothers the street

enjoying its time to shine

before the sun’s rays

destroy the velvet,

glistening coat.


Snowballs are thrown 

bruises are unleashed

while snow angel’s watch

from their snow bound places. 


From the top of the Matterhorn

to the Rhine River, Swiss chocolate

spreads its tender flavor

to even the most desolate

parts of the land. 


Tenderly handled,

the chocolate is bread

and milk to warm a soul.